It was reminiscent in a way to the cable television show Leverage , and if it were the show, it would have broken up nicely into three episodes — the Swiss Bastards Job in Blue Kills, New Jersey; the Boner Chemicals Job in Bu Zodiac was a bit muddled at points, with a large, mixed cast of eco-terrorists, corporate drones, scientists, and blue-collar Bostonians dropping in and out of the story, but overall it was a fast, exhilarating thrill-ride — not too dissimilar from riding an actual zodiac. It made me a bit sad since a chemist would be the first one to understand how dangerous those drugs are. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Johns-Manville was the leading manufacturer of asbestos. The cases of chloracne are the least of it. To ask other readers questions about Zodiac , please sign up. It is an educational book, but the information is conveyed cleverly and in largely highly entertaining form. Jul 10, Max Nemtsov rated it it was amazing.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Nitrous Oxide, LSD, shrooms, speed. I’ve always been a bit dissatisfied with Stephenson’s endings except for the Baroque trilogy, which has a few amazing and perfect endings. Last, but not least, Sangamon Taylor understands that it’s not about the size of the boat…it’s about the engine, and knowing how to use it. The labels are always changing, and always give credit to the submitter and their hometown. Fulfills part of several Seasonal Reading Challenge tasks, primarily Task

I’m far from being a Neal Stephenson expert, but rumor has it that Zodiac is an exception to the rule for those who, otherwise, are not big Stephenson fans. What I really liked seeing here was Stephenson’s geekiness — Darth Vader suits, Star Trek analogies, comparisons between chemical plants and Mordor. It is not a bad read, zodiaf it is just a decent thriller like any of dozens of others we have read whereas the beginning held the promise of a truly fine book, one unlike most we have come across.

There’s little science fiction speculation or world-building here, only a small bit of plausible near-future biology to serve as a plot hook. He is an investigator of excellence, and he is exceptional in what he knows and how he can best leverage that knowledge to get the desired outcome, mainly getting rid of known and unknown toxic wastes from the place that humans frequent.

Oct 21, Brett rated it really liked it.

This turns out to be plenty to drive this taught, pacy, funny and occassionally unpredictable novel forward but at the end one question is left unaswered: Zodiac by Neal Stephenson. I could go on, but I don’t want to induce seizures synosis the gif-sensitive masses.


Apr 07, Neal rated it liked it.

Zodiac: The Eco-Thriller

No re-use without written permission and attribution. Dude knows his way around a lab, but he’s a synopxis of the people—using six-packs of beer to illustrate the difference between benzene rings and phenyls is beyond brilliant. Tracking down the source of the pollution leads him to Basco Corp. This seems to be more and more the case with Crichton from year to year: There is science-y stuff here, but it is alternated with car chases, boat chases, explosions, murders, all synopssi your standard suspense thriller building blocks.

Although this is one of Stephenson’s earliest works, it remains an excellent and enjoyable book and if I say it’s one of his best, it’s only to demonstrate the strength of this work xtephenson opposed to criticizing later ones.

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Oct 22, Sarah rated it it was amazing Shelves: Still, Stephenson writes a solid ending that wraps up the plot in a satisfactory closing set piece, and I enjoyed the narrative style all the way through. The plot in Zodiac moves at a good pace and is spiced with Stephenson’s wit.

The schemes he cooks up are innovative and funny, and it was nice to have a main character who was genuinely trying to do something for the greater good without being either cynical or sanctimonious. As far as entertainment level, this was pretty middle-of-the-road for me.

Thompson, they both used whatever substance was at hand to fuel the madness. The only reason for its lesser circulation is that the author was still obscure at the time. The Diamond Age needs a map of Shanghai and environs in the late 21st Century. Want to Read saving…. Once ST is on the run from … well, everyone, the plot suddenly picks up the pace.

First, the book is clearly a 5-star read. The disease that the doctors are discussing synposis asbestosis, a progressive, irreversable, and fatal disease of the lungs caused by long nezl exposure to asbestos. I know, I know, you did start your memoirs clearly stating that this is an eco-thriller, but I was misled by the GoodReads shelving. Basco realizes that if it can create a bug that converts PCBs to saltwater, it can engineer one to perform the reverse process, thus allowing them to make PCBs out of readily available seawater, for cheap.

He’s the Waterhouse character of other Stephenson novels, but slightly stephennson socially awkward. Narrator Sangamon Taylor, who works for a Greenpeace-like organization, GEE, in Boston, goes about saving the world, mainly by exposing and stopping, by any means possible the illegal dumping of chemicals by industry.


Zodiac is an enjoyable book, but Neal Stephenson has definitely gotten better over time. You are commenting using your WordPress. Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. If you have never read Neal Stephenson, then you will probably rate this book higher. Stephenson has the right tone down for his synkpsis, and it is a great deal of fun to follow the GEE plan as they outthink the toxic dumpers and show them up and expose them in front of the media. Now he’s gunning for his fourth, but the opposition start gunning for him, literally, and some of that opposition are criminal Families not criminal Corporations.

Have you seen it? Fortunately the Earth did survive to live another decade or two. I liked this voice. Knowing that the courts will do little to supress the corporate bad guys, S. Taylor works on toxics; his territory is the waterways of Boston.

Unfortunately, Stephenson got overly ambitious, and the book then degenerates into a just another wham bang splat thriller, with too much projectile shooting and vomiting. It is an educational book, but the information is conveyed cleverly and in largely highly entertaining form. Just a whole lot of shades of grey. He is witty, humorous, and occasionally just a bit overboard, but just a bit.

Now we can see an entirely new constellation of authors, and with them comes a body of work devoted to the science of today, as the stories reflect a sjnopsis and an appreciation of the scientific synopsiss and discoveries of the Twenty-first Century. This was the very last time period during which one could be both a mainstream environmental chemist and a environmentalist acceptable in radical circles. If it had been stretched out into a longer book, I might have had more trouble making it to the end.

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Zodiac Book Summary and Study Guide

The idea of a movie version of Zodiac immediately made me think of another author: Sangamon Taylor’s world is populated with various strange characters and the occasional hallucinogen. Pacing was probably my biggest issue with Zodiac. We are all going to die of cancer or something else even more horrible.