Hisone and Masotan Upon using magic to track the culprit, they learn that somehow there are no traces leading to the perpetrator, which leads them to believe that a member of the Kusaribe Clan is responsible. And thanks for believing in me thats new for me – Hontoni Arigato Mena!!! One month after the trees disappeared, Takumi provides assistance to the now powerless Kusaribe Clan. This article may need to be rewritten entirely to comply with Wikipedia’s quality standards. Yumekui Kenbun Nil Admirari no Tenbin: The answers are just based on my opinion of what they might answer.

Ive had many people ask why i chose these three for SpotLight ReviewSeries Star Twinkle Precure Episode 4. Hakaze then challenges him to measure his powers and to see if he may be Aika’s killer as they suspected. Natsuiro Kiseki Eureka Seven: Dark fantasy , [1] mystery [2]. Bookmarked by Starwinterbutterfly 27 Sep Public Bookmark. Bookmarked by ponponpon 16 Sep Public Bookmark.

And you know what? Then we might have to discuss what happened to Mahiro Okay, did I do the arrangement the other way around or what?

Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright: Upon using magic to track the culprit, they learn that somehow there tempesr no traces leading to the perpetrator, which leads them to believe that a member of the Kusaribe Clan is responsible.

Brotherhood — Halo Legends animated sequence Darker than Black: Kyoto Saga Berserk season 2 Rage of Bahamut: As the conflict with the military intensifies, Yoshino make use of all the information at his hand to prove that there is indeed a way for Hakaze to be brought back to the present as part of a countermeasure devised by Samon himself to ensure that he could count on her help should his plans go wrong.

An anime adaptation by Bones aired on October to March When they reach the cabin in the mountains after the second fruit ;inoy Yoshino finally receives the answer he’s been waiting years for. The Idolm ster Episode 2: Animation works by screenwriter Mari Okada. Anime and Manga portal. Meanwhile in the past, Aika learns the whole truth from Hakaze and decides that to ensure that the present stay unaltered and her powers are transferred to Megumu, she must commit suicide.


Will they recognize and accept the change for what it is? Despite seeing Yoshino risking his life to save the child, Evangeline, Natsumura and Tetsuma just watch from afar as they are suspicious that he may be somehow related to the Tree of Exodus. I can prove episodd the universe was conspiring to turn us into a homosexual couple! Make sure there are no spaces in the HTML tags. Hakaze Kusaribe, the Magician of Genesis, awakens on a deserted island after being abandoned there inside a barrel.

Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 14: Fate of the World

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Currently watching this, I like it so far. Virgin Soul Altair: The Movie RahXephon: But before them and the tree lies Samon, who shows them Hakaze’s skeleton. Natsuiro Kiseki Eureka Seven: I change the title because it was as cringe af.

Shokugeki no Soma Knights of Sidonia: Magical Girls Club Sasami: Top of Work Index. Nevertheless, Ariel and Caliban were always meant to stay together. Write more then you will remember. When the Promised Flower Bloomsalso director. Bookmarked by kiriikiri 25 Feb Public Bookmark.

A series of connected drabbles about the characters of Zetsuen no Tempest. Bookmarked by haikawa elfseokies 20 Apr Public Bookmark. Bookmarked by magic 20 Nov Public Bookmark. As Takumi and Samon devise a plan to use Megumu’s powers in their favor, Mahiro spars with him to increase his ability.

Psycho Pass wasnt on my “omg i gotta watch this!! This is part of the Days of Love series. Regardless of everything else going on, Mahiro and Yoshino are always silently at the center, revolving around each other.


Mage of Genesis Yoshino and Hakaze. Fafner in the Azure: After paying a visit to Aika’s grave, Hakaze and Yoshino come across Megumu Hanemura, the same boy from the construction site and learn about his powers.

What if Aika never met the boys? And I have no idea of pronunciation.

Bookmarked by summer 30 Sep Public Bookmark. Sure, she was introduced to be the strongest Mage on their clan and that she is basically the Princess that is most love by the logic of the world and that she can almost do anything as she truly desires it. Before Hakaze come up with a plan to calm down both trees, both Mahiro and Yoshino are critically wounded by their attacks and she turns her attentions to saving them with Samon’s help instead.

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I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall peisode writing comments with spoilers. Bookmarked by OrganizedDecay 23 Nov Rec. Views Read Edit View history. The Story of Saru.

Believing that Hakaze cannot help him anymore now that she is dead, Mahiro strikes a bargain with Samon instead, promising to surrender in exchange for having Aika’s murderer delivered to him. In which Mahiro searched for his past love and thought Aika was the one. Cover of the piinoy volume depicting Mahiro Fuwa left and Yoshino Takigawa right.