After Imara’s decision to send Matei and Emilia to Romania, she gives Jana an ultimatum to decide once and for all. Maddy is stuck with her schoolmates in a creepy old castle on Lindisfarne Island on the night of her first full moon transformation, and Shannon wants to test her theories and believes that Rhydian is in on it. A Quiet Night in Full Episode. Enter the email address you used to create the account and your password will be emailed to you. Whitewood work together to wake them all up, succeeding in the process. Elsewhere, Rhydian takes Jana to the Smith’s house. The pack discuss what they all saw, and Tom later accidentally fires a serum at himself while messing around with the device. Rhydian’s younger brother shows up in town and Shannon gets hold of Kyle’s wolf bait — irresistible to all wolfbloods, including Maddy.

A school project reminds Rhydian how alone he is without his own wolfblood family. Shannon says that they could try the Occam’s Razor theory, which is that the simplest explanation is usually the right explanation. Wolfblood – Season 1 Episode 4 – Cry Wolf. Rhydian’s brother shows up in town and Shannon gets hold of Kyle’s wolfbait – irresistible to all wolfbloods, including Maddy. After it transpires that none of the wolfbloods have stolen anything, it’s a race to find the missing laptop before all the wolfblood secrets are revealed. Maddy tries to stop Liam discovering the den, ending in disastrous consequences for the both of them.

Rhydian gets help from Tom and Mr.

Create Account Return to Login. If you mistyped your email address change it here. Written by don minifie Jana and Imara run into some familiar faces as they track Hartington. Jeffries laments wolfblood end of his career. An extra webisode called Lore aired 19 October A total eclipse falls on a full moon, and Jana is determined to have Rhydian join her to understand what being a wolfblood really means. Unable to help Selina’s parents, Jana resolves to find a way to help the other trapped wolfbloods, starting with the Genesis Project.

Rhydian starts dabbling with his ancient eolas powers in school.

When she took a peek, she saw a beast, when, actually she saw coool wolfblood in wolf form. Tom Okanawe Louisa Connolly-Burnham It turns out to contain wolfsbane, which causes Maddy to partially transform into her wolf; She has yellow eyes, dark veins and a longing for meat. Shannon, Tom, and Jo the filmmaker take a short-cut to stop Kyle’s truck and save the wolves.


Rhydian, Tom and Shannon go hunting for the beast on the moors with a huge bowl of meat, whilst Maddy escapes and hunts down the nearest source of meat.

Ollie, Rhydian’s foster brother, follows Jana and Rhydian and almost discovers the secret. Full Cast and Crew.

Rhydian becomes friends with Maddy’s best friends Tom and Shannon, who are unaware of Maddy’s and Rhydian’s secret. Rhydian attacks the wild wolfblood while Maddy guides everyone else to safety. Search for ” Maddy Cool! In the end, Jana leaves with Ceri for the wild pack.

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An online animated motion epusode known as Wolfblood Alphawhich is in three parts, takes place after the fourth series.

Jeffries in wolf form and then transforming back into human form in front of Mr. After getting some encouragement from Bernie, he tries to ask her out, but when he sees her in the dark room, she is face to face arguing with Rhydian, but to him it looks as if they are about to kiss.

Jana comes to back to school epiaode the full moon and causes trouble on her first day. With a Dark Moon looming, the cooo is fraying at the edges and Selina’s alter-ego is uncovered. Gautam Gupta’s aka maddy from kuch to hai tere mere darmiya Slam Book.

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Dr Whitewood discovers the amazing truth about Project Genesis. Neither of cooll believe it, Tom is jealous of Rhydian, and Shannon thinks she’s just doing it for attention from the boys.

Season 1, Episode 2 – Wolfblood: Audible Download Audio Books. The pack have to find a way to save Jana before it is too late. Shannon says that they could try the Occam’s Razor theory, which is that the simplest explanation is usually the right explanation. It is revealed that neither Rhydian nor Tom did it, but Jimi. Share this Rating Title: When Shannon takes a picture of a wolfblood in wolf form, she thinks she’s seen the beast and classmates make fun of her.



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Edit Storyline Exhilarated by her first transformation Maddy changes her image, dyes her hair, puts on black lipstick and shows she can street dance, attracting the attention of class hunk Dean Samuels.

Maddy and Rhydian decide they can’t live with the idea of staying in the basement every time the change happens and take to the woods. Verification code check your email for the verification code. Maddy learns that her parents have not been truthful about their species and realises Shannon and Tom are in owlfblood – can she and Rhydian get to them in time?

Season solfblood, Episode 3 – Wolfblood: Meanwhile, groups of girls and boys squabble over tickets to a football match.

Use the HTML below. It’s the day of wopfblood dark moon, and Maddy and Rhydian have lost all of their wolfblood powers. The Masked Singer 5.

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Wolfblood – Season 1 Episode 6 – Maddy Cool!

But when new boy Rhydian Morris turns up at school, Maddy finds out he is a wolfblood too and has a hard time letting him on their territory. Rhydian’s younger brother shows up in town and Shannon gets hold of Kyle’s wolf bait — irresistible to all wolfbloods, including Maddy. Jeffries and later, outside, Tom epixode up with Maddy and says that Shannon believes Maddy is a werewolf, which is too close a guess than she can handle.

Can the mystery of the fire be solved once and for all, and can Katrina get on with this new guest? It later gives him wolfblood abilities, and he starts to let his new found powers take over his self-control, and ends up dragging himself away from his pack into the wrong crowd.