Magnotta has pleaded not guilty to five charges but will argue he is not criminally responsible because of mental disorder. In his testimony, Schorer said the janitor of the building reported seeing a suitcase outside that was smelly and covered in maggots amid a mound of trash. Top Stories Blowing snow caused by high winds causes highway chaos, power outages in Ontario Subscriber content. Superior Court Judge Guy Cournoyer looked away briefly from the screen at his bench, pouring himself two glasses of water during the video. The next shot was of Mr. More than 70 vehicles involved in crash on Hwy.

The Chinese student’s torso was found on May 29, stuffed into a suitcase behind the apartment building. Thus his not guilty plea. A few of the garbage bags contained limbs — arms and legs without hands or feet attached. Canadians can expect an abrupt transition to spring: Paoliello said she was able to find four copies of the video — three on gore websites and one on a private YouTube account. It was at this point that he put a black and white puppy — the jurors have heard, from a man who several times hired Mr. Paoliello then got in touch with Google, which owns YouTube, asking them to remove the video and to hand over details of the user who had posted it.

The final shots showed one of Mr. While Magnotta admits to causing the acts he’s accused of in Lin’s death, his lawyer, Luc Leclair, has said his client suffers from schizophrenia and was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder dismwmberment before the slaying. The camera moves to the head area, clearly showing Lin’s slit throat and blood everywhere.

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As someone smarter than me said, it was as though Mr. Related Stories Jun Lin felt pressure to marry a woman, former lover tells Magnotta trial. It is mercifully unclear if the actual homicide was captured on the video, though several times Mr. The last 10 stories you viewed are saved here. Billy Porter wears tuxedo gown to Oscars. A sequence later in the day shows Magnotta using the elevator to bring the suitcase downstairs, struggling to get it out the front door.


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Magnotta jury watches so-called murder video posted online in – The Globe and Mail

CTV News near the scene of the crash. She found at least 20 Facebook accounts carrying his name. Notable moments from the first week included: Luka Rocco Magnotta watches the proceedings at his first-degree murder trial in Montreal, Tuesday, Sept.

Jurors have seen surveillance video of this man entering Mr.

Magnotta jury sees raw footage of Lin killing

At the time 1 Lunatic 1 Icepick hit the web — and Mr. He said it included almost one minute of footage of another man bound to the bed, and would prove premeditation and intent. This section was produced by the editorial department. He testified Magnotta told him he dismembermenh unemployed, was looking for work as a caregiver and that he had a child in the area. The trial resumes Friday.

Earlier on Thursday, the trial heard from a postal-counter employee who said Magnotta exchanged boxes on May 25,because they were too small for what he intended to send. Magnotta, 32, is charged with vidso murder in Lin’s slaying and dismemberment.

The YouTube video was 27 seconds longer than the others, but she never compared them. Paoliello was also trying to find out more about Magnotta, who had a prominent presence on social networks. She was told to find the Internet clip and tracked it down on the sites bestgore and thenyc as well as heaven, a site where the clip was posted by the user CaptainFlyscratch.

Magnotta jury watches dismemberment video

Magnotta straddling the naked motionless body of a qatch tied with rope to a bed, above which was Mr. The video played on multiple screens in the courtroom and in two packed overflow rooms. Man gets 7 years for beating, raping watxh taunting Halifax-area sex worker. Magnotta’s identification, tools that were covered in blood or what looked like blood, a small dog and pieces of a human body,” Hamelin said.

Just a few hours later, Magnotta was caught on the same cameras, wearing Lin’s T-shirt and methodically putting trash in the basement of the building as well as carrying it outside over the next day. An artist’s sketch of the courtroom where the murder trial continues for Luka Idsmemberment Magnotta is seen on Sept.


Confronted with the body part, garbage bags soaked in blood and identity papers bearing the name Luka Rocco Magnotta, a homicide detective initially thought the accused was the victim. The video sequences shown Thursday capture Magnotta returning to the apartment on the morning of May 25 with a big, grey suitcase.

In all, four packages were mailed: Dozens of vehicles involved in Hwy. Yann Daze qatch all but one of Mr. Magnotta is also spotted on video walking a small black puppy in the wee hours of May 25 — the same animal police found dead in the trash.

The hooded figure performs satch on the torso and then uses a wine bottle to do the same. The jurors watched, some taking notes while one appeared to look away briefly. The jury heard on Thursday that Nadine Paoliello, a Montreal police technological crimes officer, was asked to find and trace the video on May 29,the same day Lin’s torso was found in a suitcase.

They remained impassive as a copy of the minute video, downloaded by the Montreal police, was shown in court. Magnotta had the camera linger at the gaping wound to Mr. Three more sequences, filmed a week before the killing, dismekberment an unknown man cismemberment appeared in the first 53 seconds of the edited version that was posted to three websites.

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Ottawa’s Mark Stone traded to Las Vegas. The video then switches to dismembermejt already dead Chinese student being stabbed repeatedly in the upper chest and lower abdomen area with a screwdriver.

No major injuries in massive pileup. View of multi-vehicle crash on Highway As the last of the jurors filed past him enroute to their jury room, he delicately touched a finger to his left eye, as if wiping away tears.