Meanwhile, Foreman tries a different approach with House. Meanwhile, Park prepares for her hearing before the hospital’s disciplinary committee, chaired by Foreman. House also decides to name a new team leader. House S8E13 – Man of the House. Season 8, Episode 23 May 21, Patient this week is a purportedly great guy, Bob Harris, from a small town called Cedarville. Season 8, Episode 16 April 9, House S3E3 – Informed Consent.

House S3E4 – Lines in the Sand. Use the HTML below. Chris Taub Odette Annable Thirteen returns as the team takes on the case of a college student who suffers a mysterious nosebleed during cheerleading practice. With no definitive explanation for Benjamin’s loss of consciousness and unresponsiveness to treatment, House pushes just the right buttons to recruit former prison doctor Jessica Adams to volunteer her time and expertise to the case. House also recruits former prison doctor Jessica Adams Odette Annable for the case. House S8E8 – Perils of Paranoia. Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows – Start Now.

David Harris Ed Zajac Season 8 opens a year after House drove his car into Cuddy’s house, and he’s in jail—trying to diagnose an ill fellow inmate without breaking prison rules, an effort that complicates life for clinic physician Jessica Adams Odette Annable.

Meanwhile, Park’s intimate dreams involving coworkers cause them to question the significance of x8e5 own dreams; and Dominika discovers a secret that could ruin things with House.

House MD S08E04 – Risky Business

Meanwhile, Foreman tries a different approach with House. When Benjamin suddenly collapses after making a rare and generous donation, House and Dr.

The doctors must recount the details of the incident to him, and Cofield must weigh the team’s unconventional brand of collaboration against their life-saving skills. Written by Fox Publicity.


A man Wentworth Miller collapses after making a large charitable donation, and House suspects that his altruism might be a signal of a mental disorder. A “House” retrospective includes highlights from the series, and interviews with cast members and producers.

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Bob Harris Heather Stephens Robert Chase Peter Jacobson The biopsy turns out clean, and in another DDX, House orders broad-spectrum antibiotics. A CEO Michael Nouri falls ill mysteriously just after completing a deal to move his company’s jobs to China, an action that provokes a strong reaction from Adams.

David Shore created byJohn C. House S3E11 – Words and Deeds. Meanwhile, Adams suspects that House is sick, so she recruits Wilson and the other team members to s8f5 an intervention and investigate the illness. A well-respected man Jamie Bamber collapses mysteriously, and while treating him housse team discovers that he has been hiding secrets.

Still, the first DDX begins in that famous space, and when Park meets Taub, she offers the first funny line of the night: Start your free trial. Season 8, Episode 17 April 16, Gregory House Omar Epps Use the HTML below. Season 8, Episode 14 February 27, But s8f5 the patient openly confesses his wrongdoings to his family and community, he compromises hoise chances of receiving the proper medical treatment.

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His problems could be both physiological and psychological. Mayor Collins Natalie Dye House S7E16 – Out of the Chute.

Season 8, Episode 20 May 7, Green Book Wins Best Picture. You don’t do that unless The Complete List 6. A Star Is Born 4. Adams explains to the wife that another option is a partial liver transplant. Meanwhile, when a prison gang leader threatens House, he must seek the assistance of another inmate Jaleel White.


House S8E3 – Charity Case – Watch for free | SoyaTV

Season 8, Episode 7 November 21, House S1E12 – Sports Medicine. Chi Park are convinced that his extreme altruistic behavior may indicate a deeper medical disorder.

House S8E13 – Man of the House. House S3E3 housf Informed Consent. Meanwhile, House’s favorite hooker, Emily, is leaving the business to get married, so he teams up with his “wife,” Dominika, to sabotage Emily’s budding relationship. A Star Is Born 7. Meanwhile, Taub can’t connect with his infant hkuse and House threatens to exploit Foreman’s relationship with a married woman.

A hospitalized marriage counselor shows behavior that contradicts his motivational message on gender roles. Meanwhile, another patient John Scurti insists he’s diabetic; House tries to remove his ankle monitor so he can attend a boxing match in Atlantic City; and Taub is distressed to learn wxtch Rachel wants to move to the West Coast with their infant daughter.

A teen Jane Doe needs a surgery that requires adult consent. Season 8, Episode 10 January 30, Full Cast and Crew. S8w5 S8E15 – Blowing the Whistle. Meanwhile, Wilson suspects that House is hiding something in his home; Park begins to shed her social shell; and Foreman’s lack of romantic activity intrigues Taub and Chase.

House S8E8 – Perils of Wacth. My News Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows – Start Now.