What did he do? What are you doing? If we want each other the only option is to elope and get married. Why did we get off the bus? Not here on the road. But get bucks along. If you say that again I’ll kill myself.

Now tell me your conditions. Tell me what happened? I like the one in the red. My body ran out of blood. Not like Suri, always loitering around. She will make you massage her feet. I am in tension. Marry my daughter to that useless, chicken poop fellow?

Uyyala Jampala Telugu Full Movie | Telugu Full Movies | Raj Tarun, Avika Gor

Highlight text to annotate it X. Use your brains sometimes, instead of that big mouth! Low investment, high returns. I cried unabashedly, unreservedly from that moment. Sure, must be dying to do that.

Does he not pay the electricity bills? Hang on to me. So far, I’ve told you all I cared to remember in my life. I’ll knock your teeth in.


Add some salt right now! No Uma, where there is fear there is no love.

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I’ll get you for this. How much does it cost? I’ve been trying to recover my money for a month now. Now see what happened. What will you do with all that money anyway? She’s just a naive, innocent girl. Why are we following Uma Devi of all people?

Might have run out of fuel sir. How do you like this? Ayyo, ayyo, what a grave sin! Massage my feet first. You wrote that love letter with chicken blood.

She’s nothing of that kind.

Uyyala Jampala Telugu Full Movie | Raj Tarun, Avika Gor, Punarnavi Bhupalam

He’s like the old movie villain, Rao Gopal Rao. What do you wish to do now my dear?

Someone give me a knife. Where there is love there can be no fear.

Uyyala Jampala Telugu Full Movie | Raj Tarun, Avika Gor, Punarnavi Bhupalam

I’ve kept it safe. But there are conditions. I made you wait again today. That I am capable of loving someone so intensely.


Sure, my lord This is awful stuff!! Don’t go by their looks. I’ll get back at her. What did I do?