Auf den Merkzettel legen Titel: Cracked or broken dvds must be replaced at your cost. It is possible to extend the rental of a film you already have at home by telephone, as long as that film is not among the new films ie. You will create even more scratches in this fashion! Can I buy it? If it is still available for sale we will order it for you.

If you’re watching on a computer, just download the freeware player VLC-Player available for all platforms from videolan. All these special offers only apply in advance. Your insurance may cover such things eg. If it is still available for sale we will order it for you. We cannot offer you much assistance in such a case. You must have these documents in the original – no photocopies – to get a customer card.

You are charged when you rent. If you want to buy huge amounts or whole TV-series for example, we’ll discount you even further. The film stops in the middle: A short telephone call to the store will suffice to find out if a particular film is there at the profiisuche.

Sorry, but we are also not responsible if you are having this problem. But because the delivery time involved is not always clear in advance you can accrue late fees in this fashion.

Can’t I just leave my profisuvhe or identity card as a form of deposit? The reservations you make are binding and you should be moviie to pick up the film on the day in question! Or simply browse through the listing for the genre in question.

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Usually this is a sign of malfunctioning VCR player. Then use the professional search option “Profisuche”.

If you need videos or dvds for a longer period, please say so upon rental. The editor of several memoirs, Janet leads many Los Angeles-area lrofisuche groups, including for the Skirball Cultural Center, Hadassah, and the Brandeis alumni association. If the video or dvd proves to be irreparably damaged we will be forced to bill you for the replacement costs and for the missed rental fees.


Jill Weller | Actress | filmmakers

If the video or dvd is no longer available we will bill you a reasonable amount for the loss, which has been set in advance for such eventualities. Please don’t bring the covers to the counter with you when you are in the store!

It would not be possible to add this category at the moment, since it would mean a great deal of work. Are the customer cards transferable? You will create even more scratches in this fashion!

This is unfortunately a problem that is caused by your player. That means that the film might indeed be returned only at that hour!

We can’t guarantee that. The co-authors both live in Los Angeles” Never rub it across or in circles! The same thing holds true for lost or stolen tapes or dvds, even if they have been lost or stolen while in the possession of a third party. In order to do so both persons must come by the store with their identity cards or passports and residency papers, proving that both persons share an address, and fill out the appropriate forms.

Mondays – Fridays from 2 p. Folds such as these make themselves felt by way of horizontal stripes through the image that move from the top to the bottom of the image.

Thus 3 dvds or videos cost 10 Euro all together, 4 cost 13 Euro and so on. Unfortunately in such a case it is irrelevant whether you are responsible yourself for the late charges that were incurred or whether someone acting on your behalf was responsible.

My dvd is scratched, broken or cracked – what should I do?

You do not need to show your membership card when you return a film or be a member, and so anyone may return your film for you. It is simpler for the friend in question to get a card of his or her own. It does happen that people do not return their films on time unfortunately! If you share your household with another person, that person can also receive the authorization by means of a Vollmacht to rent films on mobie card.


Is it possible to save more money if one rents films frequently? This has an unfortunate influence on one’s pleasure in viewing a tape, but is a choice made by the maker of the tape in question.

If you pay by automatic withdrawal, the service will continue on a monthly basis until you cancel it. This restriction is necessary because German laws for the protection of minors dictates that children and youths are not to be confronted with materials which have been deemed by the BPjS the national office profjsuche the rating of materials which may endanger children and profiuche people to be unsuitable for minors so-called “indizierte” or indexed materials.

We require a deposit of 50 Euro per film, regardless if it’s a new release or an old classic. Their developing relationship, along with the rekindling of his love of music, precipitate events that will change both their lives. You can make a reservation by phone or in person at the store.

So far it is not possible to enter the name of key actors in films into a search in our database. We have a number of dvds in stock that are not code 2 the code assigned to Europe and Japan.