Their promotions are based on formalities of a sort. Hey, if Jimmy McNulty is going to try to be sober and faithful, someone in that unit has to pick up the womanizing slack, right? As opposed to a show like “Deadwood” – or, hell, “Friday Night Lights” – where I’m learning lots because those shows’ settings are completely unfamiliar to me. The MCU is fairly passive in this episode, mainly listening and reacting to what Cheese and his crew are doing, so Method Man has to carry a good chunk of the hour, and he does it nicely. I suppose Prop Joe qualifies in that category, too, which helps explain why he’s still on top of the game at such an advanced age. Just wanted to verify this happened since it might turn out to be important vis-a-vis Royce’s indiscretion. Read More Posted Apr 25,

I didn’t know what I was watching or who any of the characters were, but at the time, I was considering switching careers to being a Chicago Public School teacher, particularly in low-income areas. A guy like Omar would make people so uneasy they would clear the room, clear the block, for sure, but a chorus of kids shouting that he’s coming. And style is what Omar is all about. All I can really say is that what seems somewhat simple even redundant at first does ripple out into much bigger waters. You have no soul if that episode didn’t get to you. Season 4 TV, The originals The running man Quick “Wire” question A be labored point The man, they myth, the shotgun Will they or won’t

Each season was brilliant. You can find reviews of all the other seasons at my old blog. Also, did anyone else get the feeling, when the girl who got cut was covering her face, and especially her eye — I was sure that she’d lost her eye, the same way that the kid Prez had punched had lost his, and he was reembering that.

Robbin’ Season TV, Lamb to the slaughter, indeed. All I can really say is that what seems somewhat simple even redundant at first does ripple out into much bigger waters.

Or maybe it’s just that I want to believe because we need these good outcomes in all this chaos. Or, I don’t know you, so maybe it’s not. Where each chapter is impressive technique and where the characters are reflected in a manner in which irreversibly congenial to them in some way and that is the true protagonist of this series is the human being.


Links coming up after the jump All of it has been portrayed on screen before, and certainly played out in real life. In City Hall, Tommy Carcetti is making inroads towards helping the cops, but he admits to only doing it out of boredom and ambition, and Burrell will only let him in so far.

Secret Diary of a Call Girl: Perhaps a ronin, who doesn’t serve any one master.

‘The Wire’ Rewind: Season 3, Episode 12 – ‘Mission Accomplished’ (Newbies edition)

I was just discussing this last night, actually. Bonus points to Domenick Lombardozzi for the pornographic Laura Petrie impression. Incidentally I think Dukie may be the best actor out of all the kids.

And my girlfriend thought that one reason Dukie was fanning down the girl attacker, was because the girl who got cut was the same one who made fun of Dukie earlier in the ep for smelling so bad, and she moved to the other side of the room Season 2 – Chapter 12 TV Episode. It’s hard to imagine any kind of good ending for the marriage after this.

Season 4 Season 2 Season 1 Season 3 Season 5 Seasons 4 and 2 both introduced brilliant story lines and characters that stood on their own, in the dock workers and the school kids. Alan, thank you for your amazing recaps.

What’s Alan Watching?: The Wire, Season 1, Episode 3, “The Buys” (Newbies edition)

Based on the six episodes Cinemax sent out for review in advance of Friday night’s premiere, it’s in many ways the Strike Back fans knew and loved the first time out. We get Randy in full entrepreneur mode, making use of Prez’s inattentiveness and his own small stature and leftover sixth and seventh sezson shirts to move candy in bulk to all three grades. He is rarely seen out in public and when he is, everybody goes running and lookouts go screaming, children often with a mixture of glee and terror of the well known legend.

Brother Mouzone and Omar conclude their titanic team-up with Mouzone returning Dante and inviting Omar to dispose of the murder weapons. There’s a blessed lightness to the whole affair, down to the casting of Karin Konoval – who appeared in two of the show’s greatest episodes ever.


Season 1 TV, Please contact me if there are any mistakes! I was unable to find any analysis on the internet regarding S3, and I’m thoroughly looking forward to next June where I can read yours. What did everybody else think? Its pretty cool reading comments from the newbies since I started watching what seems like a long time ago.

I loved the look of pure glee Rawls had on his face as he dismissed the don’t ask, don’t tell lieutenant particularly his “Greaaaaat! Things get a bit shirty Secret Diary of th Call Girl: Alan was on a podcast with Bill Simmons and they both agreed that Season 4 of seasoj Wire is probably the best single seqson of television ever.

I love Burrell and Daniels’ post-mortem discussion of the meeting, where Burrell calls Valchek “a xlan evil” and Daniels asks what’s so necessary about him.

An effective, well-observed check-in on Van’s loneliness in the aftermath of her failed ultimatum to Earn from “Helen. I think Omar is aire toddler running around the living room who keeps threatening to upend the wirw First, we see Donette crying as she copes with the news of yet another murdered lover.

While Royce is busy pulling lame, petty political BS like threatening to freeze out contributors to both sides and having DPW workers waste their day pulling up Carcetti campaign signs, Tommy’s pulling in the donations and finding a way to score a few points from the funeral without looking or feeling like a total shitheel.

There are small happy endings, as always. For the last time on this great, great drama, let me ask: Heigl won’t be on anybody’s ballot, but who Sign Up Sign In. Summer schedules, Idol, etc. It’s also something McNulty deals with personally in a later season.

Not only is the system failing him now, but even the novel support systems the show is building — Cutty’s gym, whatever Colvin’s program will be at Tilghman — aren’t going to reach him qire he’s not even enough of a troublemaker to merit attention. Season 8 News — Cancellation rumors