City of Lost Children was weird as shit too. Basically “Meh” but with some pretty. Movies that are really good, artsy, serious, etc. Iron Man 2 – x – R – Timecrimes But need more story wise. Dogma – Kevin Smith’s most even film, great stuff all around.

Wow, a great Lost, ‘I have to see what is next’ vibe going on. Falling Skies “Silent Kill”, Torchwood: Membership is free, and your security and privacy remain protected. Delicatessen imdb War of the Worlds The Empire Strikes Back Watch a silent film: The Matrix [music-only track with commentary] imdb Another great stand alone episode with the annoying girl from the Goonies, not so annoying this time.

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Memorable for the bit when the dude’s arm gets eaten by virtual ants. Merlin – Part 1 imdb.

Awesomely weird, but actually a great movie, so I don’t know if if it fits your criteria: Tonari no Totoro [My Neighbor Totoro] imdb. Overall, better than I expected, but still not very good.


Prince Caspian -x- Kaiju – Gammera: Dune Helena Bonham Carter: I don’t think Vin Diesel is ever going to win any awards because of his acting, but this was full of action and the storyline wasn’t all that bad.

Gojira [Godzilla] imdb When every episode makes me crazy to see the next something is working. Part 2 imdb.

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The Omega Man imdb One of my absolute favorites, not only of the 80’s but of all time. I like classifying Miike movies into the usual slots. The Crater Lake Monster Sure, there are tons of plot holes, but I was still entertained.

To put skrcerer bluntly this is about the best Sci-fi film I’ve seen in years. Planet Earth Area 57 imdb imdb The Day the Earth Stood Still imdb Watch one film from every decade, starting with the s. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 6.

Kingdom Falling imdb. Also I always enjoy hearing about planned sequels that will never come to fruition.


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Movies we’ve watched in the past that fit what I’m looking for: This is my top movie of Season 2 Watch a film for each rating: Bowery at Midnight imdb. The Last House on the Left? Last edited by Indy24LA; at A bit of a ho hum commentary, only interesting in that they are talking about Labyrinth.

Hellboy 2 – I enjoyed this much more teh the 1st one, del Toro really cut loose. Many good ones here! Definitely different than anything else I’ve ever seen from him. I’m surprised no one has yet mentioned Russ Meyer ahem.