If you think about it, decreasing the height of a volcano should cause the magma’s pressure to increase. Could you come right away? Oh, you’re from the forest? At the Ihatov Assembly, scholars and agricultural officials gathered to discuss their options. July drew to a close without any sign of summer, and neither did fruit ripen, nor did flower bloom. This is very bad. Take a quick breather, then get back to it right away!

When it shows any activity, you must record it in minute detail. I’ll use petrol to kill the bugs causing the blight. You are good children. Right, I’ll be off. Interpreting the data is incredibly difficult. However, the next year brought a bitter change.

Every page goes through several hundred of perfecting techniques; in live mode. I must propose this! They’re probably panicking in the city.

You know as well I do that volcanic activity is highly unpredictable.

We should start making our way down to base camp. Budori, I know about the awful privations you endured in that never-ending winter.

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How did it come to this? If we can do this, we’ll save Ihatov from this endless cold!

The Ihatov Volcanology Bureau? If budoru year’s as cold as last year, there’s no point in risk-taking. So what are you suggesting? We all understand exactly how you must feel. Furthermore, because the past now seems different, you might say that the way it looked before was wrong. I just want to feel I’m being truly helpful. Then you can help me pick more tomatoes tomorrow. Are you Guskou Budori? Under these circumstances, I buvori do anything to show my gratitude for your tireless labor.


Once you’ve hung the nets, put the planks up fast as you can! Sorry to be late. Let’s head out for San Mutri. Hmm, the magma levels are also rising rapidly.

Let’s get to work! The Life of Guskou Budori 5. I have come to deliver this place from famine. The Chief has asked for you. And it’s also something like this! I can’t believe you actually poured oil into the fields, you damn idiot! Actually, I’d be honored. Fortunately, the volcano’s crater is large and the magma isn’t particularly viscous. So Budori, would you be buxori to lend Nakata’s observation team a hand? Budori poured everything he had into his studies at the Volcanology Bureau.

Just as we calculated, the lava is flowing down towards the sea! I could never do that. The Life of Guskou Budori What do I do? Our teacher has a Forestry Union meeting this afternoon, so she let us out early. Well then, Guwkou guess we’ll have to survive on nothing but tomato soup! Gil she was sitting with her face all blue Her eyes so wide open just like this yet She didn’t seem to see us at all Naagara redly fixed his staring eyes just so And made the circle narrower and narrower thusly Hush now.


Professor, shouldn’t we induce an eruption immediately? It’s going to flow into my fields! You just do this, and Professor, if Carbonade were to erupt, wouldn’t it produce enough carbon dioxide to alter Ihatov’s climate? You planning to sleep forever? Underneath the nets you hung, the leaves grow thick.

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subttiles If we can force an eruption, we can put an end to this terrible cold! Young lady, if you stay here, there will be nothing more to eat. Mine is but to take you there. He begins working in a geological laboratory and attempts to move forward, but with another spell of cold coming he knows he has to make sure what happened before subtitlew not repeated.

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We cannot even begin to calculate the risks involved in a large scale operation on the crater. Interpreting the data is incredibly difficult.

And so the cold continued, both that year and the following. I guess that makes sense.