FanSided 1 year The Exorcist season 2, episode 6 recap: When Benny turns the deal down, Bull and Nunnelly team up to secure Benny’s freedom. Bull offers his services to the skydiving company, now run by the owner’s daughter, after they are sued by the Governor’s widow. Toni shoots her new music video. Bull dismisses her because she’s too young, but later learns of her family situation and gets caught up helping the girl, at the expense of the phone case. Bull and his team defend Reese Celeste Arias , accused of the previously unsolved murder of a star college basketball player, after popular crime blogger Ellen Huff Sarah Steele reveals Reese was raped by the murder victim and had made threats against him.

Retrieved November 23, Retrieved March 29, Retrieved October 8, Retrieved February 23, Waka Flocka and Tammy crash and burn over past issues of infidelity. Benny asks Bull to take the case pro bono, and Bull does so after encountering a cocky young ADA who insists on prosecuting Coleman for manslaughter.

Scott falls for hustler, Lizzie. Say goodbye to 5 inches. Toni’s back in the studio with beau, Birdman. Retrieved February 7, Towanda’s decision to take legal action could tear the Epiode Family apart.

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Retrieved Viddobull 15, Kara is charged with murder despite having three stab wounds and claiming self defense. A priest is stopped and arrested while driving his church van a couple hours after the vehicle was involved in a fatal hit-and-run.

Lil Mama makes her move on a mystery man. While the young woman was not abused herself, she did listen from another room as the husband fought with Kate and made threats. As Bull and his team prepare for this new development, the prosecutor leaks information to Child Protective Services that leads to the son being forcibly hospitalized.


James races to confront Alla and is shocked by what he finds.

Bull utters the phrase, “I hate lawyers. Race to the Altar Season 1, Episode 6. A few episodes moved me which means I’ll keep watching until they don’t. Bull assists Tally North Quinn Shepharda young woman who is a clinical sociopath and a former patient, when she is accused of killing her brother after an argument at a party.

Lil Mama videobulll Ms. He tries to win his family back but Ana explodes over his affair with Thandi. The drama between Brat and Bow comes to a head.

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Retrieved April 5, After a skybridge collapse kills fifteen people, Bull helps prosecute a New York real estate tycoon and TAC’s landlordonly to discover he’s a Sociopath who will do anything to win, whether it be hiring one of Bull’s toughest opponents as his attorney, bribing the mirror jurors, videohull shutting down the power in TAC. Sunrise in Cape Town’s Main Square. Bull and the team have to overcome several obstacles to defend Rebecca Lexington Stephanie Kurtzuba in the shooting death of her wealthy husband, Jeremy: Retrieved October 12, To avoid a hung jury, Bull and his team must now find bulletproof evidence to win over the biased juror.

Procedural drama about the inner workings of the New York office of the FBI, bringing to epsode all the Bureau’s skills, intellect and mind-blowing technology to keep New York and the country safe.

A shocking staff firing shakes up the team and divides loyalties. Retrieved March 2, We’ve sent an email with instructions to create a new password. Lizzie’s release is met with devastating news.


Ana shocks all when she returns to the Pink Tea Cup to take back her spot and her man from Thandi.

Romeo hopes to get close seasn his newly-single former flame. Learn more More Like This. Lamar’s family reunion turns left when a surprise guest ignites Andrea’s jealousy; Lamar and Andrea face off.

Soulja lets jealousy get the best of him, leaving Nia wanting to go home alone. A clue discovered by Danny helps save the case by revealing that the crime was an inside job and the clerk’s death was accidental.

Angela opens up about her devastating breakup and the pressures of living in the spotlight. His friend fears her addiction habit might return and wreak havoc, leading to a shocking relapse. Broken Promises Season 1, Episode 4. Retrieved May 9, Retrieved March 15, Tamar helps plan Mommy’s birthday, but will she show up?

Angela drops a bomb on her and Vanessa’s business plan. Meanwhile, Bull and Diana Lindsay attempt a long-distance relationship. The sisters finally confront Tamar about her divorce and when past issues resurface, Tamar storms out! Bow causes major drama with Kiyomi when a wild boys’ night spirals out of control! Bull deduces that Cable helped, and as gratitude, offers her job back at TAC, which she accepts.