I really want to know what’s gonna happen tomorow Maybe Damsari will tell her how Kang To seemed worried about her? Shunji tells him to go, but then calls out for him to stop. But he still has a very small view of what he needs to do — everything is immediate and reactionary like punishing the bank or newspaper men , or driven by his love for Mok Dan, not necessarily The Cause. Ia menyembunyikan perasaannya rapat-rapat karena gak mau isi hatinya diketa Episode 12 by LollyPip.

He asks who was in charge yesterday and Kono tells him it was Taro. Kang To reels back in pain. Damn the bodyguard dude was having the upper hand but thank you lady for having that dagger in your hair. Looking at her pouch, she makes a decision and wipes away her tears. I think this is the first time I’ve watched an on-going episode so quickly after it has aired. Lemontda on Heartless City Episode 20 Reca….

BBD-Lite June 3, at We finally catch him and you kadorzma to kill him?! How delighted was I when Gaksital beat Koiso into a pulp?

I’m dying for next week. Mok Dan returns to the hideaway and reports to her comrades on her recon trip outside. Both of my maternal and paternal grandparents had Japanese names, and could read and speak basic Japanese synopsiz Japanese was the only language taught in public schools. What in the what?! Maybe by telling Shunji that it was part of his strategy to have Massk rattle off information on Mok Dan and that he found out her sunopsis name during one of his solo investigations?

Boss Jo hands up the phone near tears, and turns around… toward his circus troupe, who huddle on the ground with policemen leveling rifles at them. However I wish she could be shrewder and less reckless. JH, do you have a translation of the quote or is it pretty much the same as in Damsari’s speech?


Akiko’s Morning Coffee !! :]

I keep meaning to. Will the world someday truly change for the better? Bos Jung-won atau pemilik restauran dan kepala chef restauran juga jatuh cinta kepada Jung-won. But what is a righteous hero and what is it that makes the whole quest worth it? He is losing himself and unlike what he thinks, when this over, he cannot simply give up his uniform and go back to teaching little kids. Maya July 12, at 8: She finds his face less than comforting, though, and makes a break for it.

Thank God for Baek Gun.

And Kang-to is running out of decent excuses!! Pretty soon he’s gonna get his cover blown And now I wonder where the writers will take it from here. I miss the strong smart Mok Dan. Damsari closes his eyes and braces for death. Misguided evil, which is still kind of evil. Most Koreans passively submitted to Japanese reign out of fear, not out of admiration.

It was him, right? This time he looks like he might get away, so Rie gives a nod to Katstuyama Jun.

I always say, “AHHH, it’s the hottie uncle!!! National anthems, patriotical shit, etc. And I do hope that Kang To will step up his game after this, like creating an alibi for himself to divert the suspicions. Shunji stares in shock at his father being removed while Taro has no expression.

Thank you so much for the recap! Maks To argues-the man could die but Shunji pays him no heed. I would prefer she knows it by herself And then he shoots. Kang-to beats him to the punch and goes to see the count and countess.

Let’s just hope it’s really a false information that he gave to Shunji just so Shunji could’ve been trapped. I look like the person that committed the crime! For the first time in my life I become worried of kangto Then in the next episode, it’s fake.


The stakes are higher now, and KT now knows that Shunji knows or very strongly suspects him let’s see if KT gets out of this one tomorrow and how things will pan out. Posted on July 13,in Asian CinemaEntertainmentKorean CinemaPotpourriRecapsUncategorizedWritten Excerpts and tagged best budbridal mask recapsDamsariDandiaryDramaentertainmentfriendsGaksitalgaksital recapsKangkdramaKimuraKorean dramabrirallovemiscmiscellaneousmusingspersonalrandomreflectionsRelationshipsRomanceShunjistoriesstoryTakayamaTakayama GifuthoughtsWriters Resourceswriting.

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I believe that her character has that potential to be the strong heroine. Ack, this is not doing good things to my blood pressure. Even in these days, many Koreans honor their names and legacies. I want her awesome-ness back NOW!! Maybe it’s one of those where they end in an intense cliffhanger and leave you in suspense for the rest of the day, only to have the start of the next episode just kill off the tension with a simple resolve.

I think bad shooting runs throughout the whole police department. Hi Ivoire, yes I’m that Maya. I hope later on there’s a grand plot twist where she’s actually connected with gaksital or something. Two things that are always appropriate: I first encountered the metaphor in Haruki Murakami’s ballsy Jerusalem Prize speech and couldn’t get it out of my mind: But Lady Bomber sees the fight from down the hall, and takes a pin out of her hair.