Searching For Sugar Man. Family members tear up trying to describe their love for Mr. He also manages others, and this documentary goes through his life. Available on Prime Bob and the Monster. He reached beyond music with many film producing credits, and when he became infatuated with the culinary arts, he represented the greatest chef’s in the world, inventing the celebrity chef Emeril Legasse among many others. Third, the documentary does not shy away from the personal side:

Now I know he was instrumental in the rise of Alice Cooper and his legend, he helped create the “celebrity chef” and he was involved in the Cameron Crowe plane crash story fictionalized in “Almost Famous”. We hear that he was a womanizer and wore a T-shirt that said, “No head, no backstage pass. The Legend of Shep Gordon” release; 85 min. Right at the beginning, he says he tells clients that if he does his job perfectly he will probably kill them. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. The life and career of the legendary Hollywood insider, Shep Gordon. But we are never told why he says that.

It glosses over many things, there are no scandals, no moments of jaw dropping revelation, just the story of a man looking back at his career mostly with a supermfnsch. The mix of his earlier promiscuous life with his self sacrificial motivation to supermdnsch all of his clients everything xubtitles could ever want has left him without an heir to the Gordon empire.

In addition, Gordon’s tireless work ethic has deprived him of the one thing we see he has needed most in his life – a wife and kids. His interactions with Jimi Hendrix, Alice Cooper, Janis Joplin, and many other actors and musicians are entertaining and with the addition of reenactments provide plenty of funny moments.

You should manage music”, and that’s how it all started. I really did laugh out loud a lot while watching this. You should manage music”, and that’s how it all started. We are supposed to leave thinking that in all his life, Gordon has never unfairly hurt anyone. Because the film is trying so hard, it gordoh me start to wonder about the motives of those giving positive evaluations. Shep gets closest to subgitles a dad when tragedy strikes as an old girlfriend’s grandchildren lose their mother and he comes to the rescue not only wildly financially but also as a loving father figure.


For instance, do you like Prego? There are so many worthy documentaries waiting to be completed for lack of money, it is a bit sad to see so many resources poured into a movie that doesn’t even seem to be pursuing the truth.

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It would be nice to ask around I knew who Shep Gordon was, from his connection with Alice Cooper. Account Options Sign in. And while we could listen to Shep’s wild tales and conquests forever, Myer’s gets us deep access into his personal life, never letting us forget that this is a good human being who really made a difference in so many lives. Basically, this tells the story of Shep Legenr who started out as Alice Cooper’s manager and still is.

I had never heard of Shep Gordon before this documentary showed up on Netflix. We humans are the masses who are beyond asses and many are vile, some are magnificent. He was a genius at marketing. Is the story too positive?

The film rings with truth – and gordin is a fun and rollicking journey indeed. StevePulaski 8 January In suupermensch eighty-five minutes, Myers, and Gordon, who narrates practically the entire documentary, gives us an in-depth look at the life of a person who likely enters our mind a total, abstract figure and emerges as someone we probably wouldn’t mind having drinks with at any given time.

I’m sure he has a stories to tell,some in the film sibtitles really interesting. In the end, I felt like Myers was learning the documentary craft with this movie. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

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Quite a nice debut for first-time director Mike Myers. I had no idea he’d managed other big names lots of ’em. It was Hendrix who ‘pushed’ Gordon into managing “You a Jewish boy? Besides managing many stars in supermenscj music gordkn movie business, Gordon practically single-handedly started the ‘celebrity chef’ scene when he befriends French chef Roger Verge and later agrees to manage him and many other chefs.


More than outrageous, Shep is a legend in his excess of sex, ldgend and rock and roll. I can’t imagine what was the archives and research budget for this movie. Are they being honest? Some scenes are dramatized but these are generally very humorously done, giving the movie an appropriate light-hearted tone.

Gordon, is a good guy.


So we never hear from the ex-wives, the angry ex-clients, the venue managers who had to negotiate with Gordon. But we are never told why he says that. Was this review helpful? Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.

Not one to miss an opportunity with the ladies, he would wear a t-shirt on tour that said, “No head, no backstage pass”. In the end, I felt like Myers was learning the documentary craft with this movie.

Great film in many ways. Shep Gordon was on that plane and so was Cameron Crowe, when he put that true outrageous moment into the movie. So Jimi Hendrix told him to be a manager because he is Jewish? He has skills, and it would be a delight if he were to apply them to a topic where he was less of a partisan, and was instead genuinely curious about the full story. Similar Popular with similar viewers.

Who knows, such complexity has no place in this film. Third, the documentary does not shy away from the personal side: