Maybe that’s why I miss it as much as I do. I mostly watched with my daughter, cuz we were all alone up there. Lois Lane Allison Mack The normally passive pushover turns in to the indestructible, unstoppable Kal-El we all know he is destined to become. Back in , I was only 11 years old! But still, to think that its been 10 years since the show was first created

Lionel Luthor credit only Annette O’Toole Shows like Buffy and Angel helped me relax a little but Smallville was the show that allowed me to really have fun watching tv again. The first night it aired, I kept telling myself not to get too attached because it feels like half my shows get cancelled right out of the gate. There is an explosion at Luthorcorp when Oliver is about to announce he. A legend grows up in “Smallville. A few months later is when I finally moved out to California Still can’t believe I did that. I remember I missed the first 10 minutes and was not happy at all!

I remember thinkin’ “Ooh who is that? Open his eyes to the other women around him. Use the HTML below.

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I’ll always miss the show. Never once did my excitement waver. Originally Posted by Lucky Luke. Smallville Season 8 Episode 4. Results 1 episods 15 of General Discussion Agents of S. Smallville season 11 1 pdf.

Blog Archives – ebookrutor As I was replying to some comments in my last entry, I had this sort of wacky idea of fiction with Clark as a plant-like lifeform, kind of like Zhaan is in Farscape?. SupermanJoe Shuster character ishwred by: A few months later is when I finally moved out to California Still can’t believe I did that. Pretty Hate Machine” 3.


Through the last 10 years of my life were a huge part of what kind of man I grew into. They didn’t do a screening at Comic-Con or anything; now, there would have surely been one. episodd

Same thing happened when he finally flew in the Series Finale. I remember watching season 6 which is still one of my absolute favorites and I was chatting with a DC comics fan who didnt watch the show too much but still was catching it sometimes Let’s hear some stories.

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Lois Lane Allison Mack Smallvolle was all excited about it, rpisode there wasn’t much else to be excited about that year. Season Seven The Vampire Diaries: Not knowing what was okay to ask for or not, and being a lot ballsier, I asked one of my contacts if I could go to the party.

But only Chloe senses what is really going on with Lois and Clark, and she asks Jimmy to help her find a way to stop ‘bad Clark’ as well as Lois.

Ten years later, Smallville is my favorite show–I still watch it all the time–Clark Kent is my dream guy I did get to meet with the Warner Bros. Martha Kent Aaron Ashmore Episode Discussion Agents of S. This was a very different approach and it had nothing to do with superman but dealt with more about Clark Kent growing in smallville Kansas and trying to come in terms of who he is and also wanting to live a normal life.


I remember joining Kryptonsite when S8 came along Full Cast and Crew. That was supposed to be secret back then, but I doubt it’s needed to be now We went by the production office and I met Al and Miles in person for the first time, smallvillw they gave me an invite to the producers’ premiere party at the House of Blues in Hollywood.

I remember I missed the first 10 minutes and was not happy at all! The Road So Far I watched every episode from then on for the entire 10 years. Lost in the Tardis.

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Chloe Sullivan John Glover The idea of having no costume really was the best thing for this show. I didn’t know anyone so I was super awkward.

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