Hong Soo Hyun Main Cast. December 25, ‘History of Salaryman,’ comic tribute to breadwinners By Noh Hyun-gi leann koreatimes. Chairman Jin deflates her a bit by saying that Bang winning is an impossibility‚Ķ but if he makes the impossible possible, then Chairman Jin has no right to refuse him. It will air its first episode on January 2. Bang preempted all of this? D Thnx for the recaps!!! Kim Sung Oh Supporting Cast.

By firstnadya Started July 7, I think with an ego as big as his, he just do not think that Gabi would go to this level. If we think about Hang-woo, would any of his employees go to such lengths for him? The subject matter was shocking, of course, but what got me most was how raw and real everything felt. You haven’t seen Wild Romance yet? How did it all happen?

Yellow Boots ep 1 Synopsis Summary “Yellow Boots” is a drama about the revenge of a woman who lost everything after being framed Chairman Jin is quick too, and knows what Gabi is after: Was there even one moment that Epiosde existed in your head, instead of Baek Yeo-chi? In history, Liu won and established the Han Dynasty B. Jung Gyu Woon Main Cast.

Epislde fooled and played him. Then later, he reneged on his promise to employ Shin even though he knew Shin’s daughter needed a life-saving operation. Kim Il Woo Supporting Cast. But isn’t leaving salaryan to die and not even caring about it sort of a relationship deal-breaker?

The turning point for him I think was when hang woo asked her to be his secretary, then a bit more when he saw her with the shopping bags and then more when he had that conversation about her coming to him and her response. It will air its first episode on January 2. He even keeps this from YC I know cruelbut she has to know how things operate in the real world By Yeekrfan2 Started December 27, As much as I’d like to think that he wouldn’t go that far, his past behavior suggests that he’d probably welcome the opportunity to exact that kind of revenge on Shin.


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It looked like a red herring to give us hope that WH may intervene and help the chairman, but I think Gabi will move stop her and make her do an about face to get her away from that area. And this is where the episode got me the most so far I’m not sure I know kim so sjnopsis is a good actress but all the parts I’ve seen her in have definitely been good on paper.

I am shock to the extent MoGabi pull to satiate her greed, I just didn’t see her as a murderer conniving surewow! I think people know where I am going with this. Shin reports to Bang that Hang-woo has gone on a full-scale bribery mission, and we see both him and Bum-jeung win each judge over with expensive gifts. What kind of cell phone is baek yeo chi and woo hee using?

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It was honestly one of the most disturbing fights I’ve ever seen. When she attempts to leave, Hang-woo pulls a wrist-grab to get her to stay‚Ķ and goes in for a kiss. And for Gods sake!

They change venues in order to handle the paperwork, and Bang officially receives investment money from Jang Ryang in the hopes that his merger with Taeyang Ui the company that wants to use the device in cell phones will be successful.

I would love to see them.

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Jung said she was drawn to her character because she is unique in the Korean drama scene where women are often depicted as obedient, conventional, and conservative. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. My sense that we were meant to see HW as being ruthless to a point beyond redemption was reinforced when he framed YB for murder, and didn’t even bat an eyelash when Shin suggested that that was going too far.


So sad that there are only 2 eps left. As an orphan, Siwan has been incredibly What was she doing there?

The contest was really epic. She tries to pass it off as a misunderstanding, which really sets him off.

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This sort of talk actually offends Bang, as he brings up his deceased father who lived his life poor and powerless. TV History of the Salaryman Episode 1.

How did he even get a patent for it? I Think I can see this one coming. Just sinopsjs into say that I love her colorful nails!

Thinking him dead, Gabi drops the phone on the ground. If Chun Ha is an elephant, Paeng Seong is a biscuit.

To you, I was only Director Mo, is that it?! Lee Bum Soo is spot on sniopsis always though. Gabi is also a granddaughter, by that philandering dead uncle. Song Min Hyung Supporting Cast. Writer oh writer, PD oh PD, how can you both be such geniuses?! And yes, he’s actually been quite sweet to her a few times.