Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. I loved the Goong manga and the anime- I haven’t watched the drama, but it was fun reliving those memories! Thank you so much for the recap. At first, I thought it might be too boring it’s the opposite of TWTWB in terms of its lack of slickness and heightened intensity , and frankly, I couldn’t imagine myself getting terribly invested in most of the characters. I would’ve found them to be highly problematic in any case, but the fact that that this was a Noh Hee Kyung drama deepened my disappointment exponentially. Aurora September 19, at Hee-sun sees Soo off for his big gamble, after which he plans to go to the hospital to see Young.

Keakraban Shin dan Chae-kyoung, kali ini untuk selamanya, membuat Yool benar-benar patah hati. Dad asks the good question: It’s lovely and I don’t think you can blow it off as just pretension. I love happy ending! I think part of the problem lies with how the show quickly glossed over Jin Sung’s dilemma and there were also no explanations on how Soo all of a sudden is alive in the end. That ending just confused me.

Blurry happy ending scenes are so cliche.

SINOPSIS Princess Hours Episode 1 – 24 Lengkap – SINOPSIS TAMURA

But I guess in the end, what’s important is that they both reconciled and expressed their love to each other and whether they really lived or died didn’t matter to me. Also when heesun and jinsung said they would bring flowers to soo Ichi — I think it was Joon-sang. The blurriness of the scene was to depict Young’s perspective.

He follows his usual routine as he carefully makes his way through the foyer. Are the writers devoid of ideas? I haven’t watched drama for maybe 10 years because of that. That both sides of the couple still love each other. In any case, the hospital has some medical records that he will need for his surgical procedure in the States.

Bravo to the whole cast, and especially to houra dreamy Zo in Sung. Sijopsis talked about making Prjnce betray his friend, but the way they chose to do it didn’t make any sense whatsoever. Yes, the storyline was just one ridiculous hlurs after another. Depending on a viewer’s experience the hourx the drama is seen will be different.


So that combined with JS having to suffer watching 2024 Sun run thru flirtations equals he’s paying his betrayal dues so hello they are dead too. They smile sadly at each other for a moment. She is silent as he assists her from his truck. LOL Pabo ceo reom, poor sad panda: Hello Leira, I like it that some of you are sharing your personal experiences to help us better understand the characters in the drama. Many viewers will say that a happy ending does not excuse a drama from obvious plot holes, but I’ll give TWTWB a pass.

When I started watching I already accepted the fact that someone or even all of the lead characters might die. Epissode Heads said, there are other ways to say you miss someone. Do you think he was really there or was it just an imagination? I’ve come to that after thinking a bit more but, she’s still not a character I will pretend to understand through and through, lol.

When she was with Secretary Wang, Lawyer Jang, and her ex-fiance with those blind kids, those hourz were not blurry. Did I miss any ep or wat.?


When you said this, ” Seriously though. Had Soo survived, there was no way, the gangster boss, Kim, would have let Jingsung lived happily.

It appears that someone has created her Impossible House, but for reals! I never liked Sang-hyuk, either as a pretentious school boy, or a lying scheming adult. I see that as a sign that they are now in heaven-finally away from all the pain and suffering that tormented both while they were alive. JS looked very sad at the point when he agreed to what Hee-sun suggested but the the face of JS was a type of confused or something that the director suggested for him to do to make us bewildered of what really had happened to Oh soo.

I loved how Kim Bum’s character broke out of his loyalty and had that crazed, red rimmed look after he stabbed Oh Soo Then again, that just adds to the brokenness of Young’s character- having to depend on the person whho crippled you and over time accepting that person’s Shukmeister September 2, at The beginning of this drama was so so so good!!! I just erase it. Never even thought of that!


I tried to write down all of the questions I still had at the end, but my fingers got tired. I won’t try to understand that, just feel like many dramas have this thing with making even some of the foulest people redeemable or sympathetic in cases in which the person has a child or takes care of a child.

Boss Man is hosting the game, and announces the grand prize — seven million dollars. In his condo lobby, she comments that he looks unwell; he just brushes off her concern.

Karen August 13, at He tells her not to farewell him at the airport tomorrow; it would be epiosde to leave otherwise.

Acting was stellar too. Ivoire, I am late to epksode but what is it with will-he-die melos of late and their nonsensical endings? The drama in it’s entirety may not have been as solid as it’s looks, but I for sure will not deny them.

I know, hard to believe.

I don’t see how the ending could be just a dream. I salute the writer as well as Ju in sung and Oh young very well-acted characters. Beside all the beautiful faces and hourss, noise marketing, media play, exaggerated praise help the popularity of this drama also. I wanted to see if, just maybe, the idea was to have Young hit such a low that she reached a moment of pivotal self-realization in order to decide that she wanted to live after all, in a change we could see and understand.

She finds the Braille letter Soo left her directing her to watch the video. Now that i know there’s a happy ending