It also helps that they disconnected Oppa from the rest by having him move out and he hasn’t had a voiceover in a long time. Ugh, it was like the writers planned this show around TeamChilbongie vs TeamOppa fanwars. Mandy December 8, at 4: Unfortunately people will get hurt that is life but we know that the versions of each of the characters are more mature than their counterparts. I noticed that, too. He shoves her away repeatedly and finally dumps her on her bed, though he softens the blow with an aegyo wave goodnight. He could come back from the army and may be desirable due to possible conflicts with her parents and Garbage.

I’ll give you that Chilbong helped Oppa realize his feelings for Na Jung at first, but from where are you getting the idea that his talk with Chilbong where Oppa actually didn’t really say anything and it was all Chilbong making a thinly veiled threat to steal Na Jung from him one day prompted him to talk to the parents? The drama is great, just chuck the mystery and let us enjoy the characters. A refresh man is an employee who has no passion for their job. Episode berakhir dengan sirene mobil polisi yang mendekat didengar dengan clay, justin dan jessica berdiri di depan sekolah, dengan clay memegang senapan serbu tyler. Shows the maturity level of the Garbage shippers on here Very much like him, Korean man, that is why I was attracted to him. Am with the same mess in the room.

There might be some fundamental parallels between how love and baseball work, but I think the writers are being ignorant to the fact that when you play any sports, you play to win, you play epiwode beat the rival, and the game itself is just a powerless entity that is only being swayed by the actions of the players.

I think oppa and NJ will break up during his internship days, and CB become the rebound love but Oppa still the end game and will be the husband on that wedding.

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I don’t think you’d get any arguments on that It might not be the ending I want but that is okay. Archived from the original on July 27, They got me with the montage as them as kids.


Hey at least it’s semi-productive, right? Who’s to say that along the way, that wouldn’t change? I feel like episoee give up on her “for her own good” if he sensed a change in the relationship between father and daughter.

Anne December 8, at 1: I see some upcoming separation anxiety to throw into the mix, too.

Why would the writers give us another passionate kissing between Trash and NJ? Gibbs is granted protective custody of a year-old orphaned refugee, Elena, when an NCIS case reveals she is the target of a violent gang. Well, I don’t think it’s so surprising. What do you guys think? Next to them, seongkis friend joonseok and his wife move in.

I do not like the implication that the analogy gives off which is that love is a competition, and Na Jeong’s heart is the prize AND also because it doesn’t fall in line with the course of action he’s taken because he’s not meddling or actively trying to break up Oppa and Na Jeong’s relationship. At least the writers could stop the torture. I also believe that if someone else had been casted in that role, CB would not have such a large loyal following.

Eny Ajah Oktober 16, 7: I have to keep my hopes up.

Retrieved February 28, Earl Grey December 11, at He moves slowly but when he does it is in a meaningful way. On the other hand, CB wears his heart 115-2 his sleeves, there are no doubts in how he feels. The writer should just stop being a pain.

Garbage drops Na-jung off after another date, and as usual gruffly orders her inside, declining her invitation to come in. It is about him to accept it and not give up. I think no matter how many epizode are saying that Chilbongi will be the husband, the only way that can happen is if Trash Oppa will vanish from earth. Though I understand the frustrations some people have towards Chilbongie, I don’t think he has, in any way, shown us that he thinks of NJ nive a posession.


Kim in Japanese, I believewhich would make his name something Joon Kim.

I noticed that, too. Instead, they flirted with the idea for an ep and then sent him packing to the army? Episkde FeltSouvenir November 24, 1: Immediately her jaw drops: They love to toy with our emotions and I am letting them. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This is not helping anyone.

Shows the maturity level of the Garbage shippers on here That’s why I don’t see a problem with him telling her that in the future, if she’s single, then they could possible date. I suppose it’s just natural when the affection is real.

Imo, if CB doesn’t end being the husband, it would just show that sometimes, no matter how sinoosis you work, some things aren’t meant to be. Hm, gjy is she possibly clairvoyant after all? Azizah Oktober 09, 9: When we first met he said that he wanted to get married and we did.

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Bad Guys – Episode 2 (A “Is it possible to squee if quite scared?” Cap)

The episode ends in a cliffhanger, with a mugger cornering Abby and Reeves in an alley, pulling a gun and demanding money. I correct in saying that the war of words need to stop.

Grumpy December 9, at 1: You could see in this ep that Na Jung wanted to be able to be more affectionate, but that their secrecy was getting in the way. Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to epusode this audio clip.