Archived from the original on Separated, Anko and Noboru are forced to find their way to safety together. Retrieved January 27, Retrieved January 20, A 43 episode anime adaption was produced by Studio Pierrot and was broadcast from June 30, to September 24, Suguru Teshigawara, the math teacher, has his heart set only on Azusa Fuyutsuki; however, Eikichi inadvertently incurs Suguru’s wrath when he ruins Suguru’s plans to win Azusa over. However, he soon learns that it is no easy task.

After a series of misfortunes, he begins to believe in the letter and does whatever he can including suggestions from Kanzaki to write spells all over himself to dispel the curse. This means taking advantage of impressionable schoolgirls is out of the question, but their unusually attractive mothers are a different matter. Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom Bleach: Book of Murder Black Butler: He gave the series four stars out of four. K-Lite Mega Codec Pack While appreciating the advantages of the anime adaption allowing for more violence, they call the first live action adaption the “quintessential GTO”. Onizuka crashes a political fundraising party for Makita, and raises the present situation that Ikuko faces.

The episode titles in the list below are from the English Tokyopop release. Fujisawa Tohru Directed By: Uchiyamada experiences a mid-life crisiswondering if there is any meaning left to his life.

During the countdown, a former student of the school runs into the building to retrieve a precious heirloom. He uses methods that would be unorthodox, against the law, and also life-threatening, yet somehow, he manages to succeed in educating and opening up his episde.

Great Teacher Onizuka S2 Live Action 2014 Episode 1-11 [END] Subtitle Indonesia

Finally onizuk, Eikichi was relieved of the money and thrown into a garbage pile on an unfamiliar street. The series has been announced for English subtitled release via the Crunchyroll streaming service. Shonen Jump Special Aitsu to Lullaby: So Onizuka and Danma watch over the two of them and call a Smile Duck staff.


Retrieved February 3, Before the annual class field trip, Miyabi and her friends steal the school’s trip money and blackmails the English teacher, Mr.

I’m a Great Teacher

He surprises her by jumping after her when he accidentally pushes her off a building. In doing so the artwork remained unchanged from the original compared to previous publishing methods.

Suguru enlists a parent lobby group to get Eikichi fired. He used this experience to build the series. The Complete GuideJason Thompson refers to the series as “Shameless, frequently sexist and totally hilarious”. Internet Download Manager 6. Pemilik situs Media IT. The first ending theme, “Last Piece” by Kirari is used from episodes 1 to Onizuka’s attempt to sleep with her fails when her current “boyfriend”, her teacher, shows up at the love hotel they are in and asks her to return to him.

Anko’s mother, still unbelieving of her child’s actions, is forced to realize the truth when Yoshito plays a tape recording of Anko discussing the truth about her mother and Noboru with her friends.

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However, he refuses to help, believing their predicament will teach them about taking responsibility. Determined to prevent his dismissal, Azusa invites Eikichi to her place for one-on-one all-night study sessions.

Retrieved from ” https: Onizuka’s look is modelled on such gang members and was not intended to convey an “American look”. Teacner [ edit ]. Suzuka Ahiru no Sora.

Eikichi Onizuka begins his career as a teacher-in-training expecting that he will get a class of attractive, nubile high school girls. For example, Fuyutsuki Nanako Matsushima is onizuma eager teacher who supports Onizuka in the manga, whereas in the live action adaptation she initially dislikes Onizuka and wants to leave teaching to become an Air Hostess. He gave the series four stars out of four.

With these realizations, he sets out to become the greatest teacher ever, using his own brand 2021 philosophy and the ability to do nearly anything when under enough pressure.


He is less than amused when he finds out that she is actually one of his students. Urumi’s teacher admits that she was the cause of Urumi’s mistrust towards teachers. During the hearing, Noboru shows the teachers and parents the extent of his pain – physically and emotionally.

Suguru Teshigawara, the math teacher, has his heart set only on Azusa Fuyutsuki; however, Eikichi inadvertently incurs Suguru’s wrath when he ruins Suguru’s plans to win Azusa over. List of Great Teacher Onizuka episodes. Her commercials attract the attention of a popular magazine who wants her entered into their beauty contest. Poltergeist Report Ninku: The Early Years” in By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Archived from the original on June 30, Due to the popularity of the manga, several adaptations of GTO were established. When Kunio finds a wedding dress catalog at home, he suspects his mother will marry someone behind his back. A 43 episode anime adaption was produced by Studio Pierrot and 201 broadcast from June 30, to September 24, In other projects Wikiquote. He also had to rescue a student, Noboru Yoshikawa, from episove.

Fujisawa began to texcher out of characters as a result. They manage to tie him up and beat him to a pulp while he is nude, then take pictures for blackmail. The series was originally intended to run for 10 volumes, however it was extended at the request of the publisher.