Or was it just more of Dol-Swe’s love and worship? Clearly long term, such casual and fleeting moments won’t be enough for love that spanned fate enough for several star crossed lifetimes. How about you come up with the better ending you’re yapping about? At some point, I did start to think it was getting a bit convoluted, but all in all, I rally liked the ending. I’m so glad they tied up all the loose ends the parts with the ghosts and Joo-wal was especially satisfying and also gave the OTP a cute sweet end: I think I’d die of happiness from the dimples-overload. Thus I allowed her to know what she wished to know.

Download the latest version here. For some one as cool as Leejunki Thanks be for romantic comedies. Btw thanks for the recap dramabeans! It starts to draw her in, all the while she looks back at the house and begs Eun-oh to wake up: Angela October 18, at 8: A crazy girl spinning a crazy tale, having him really not believing in the existences of the supernatural this lifetime as he so pretended and insisted in his last — yet he loves and adores her in this life despite all of it.

This will be one of my all time fave kdrama! Mmagistrate if there was no need to worry about Reapers, other ghosts could outcast them for the obvious preferences the higherups have for reaping privileges, defeating the whole point of ghost-dom. The reincarnated Eun-Oh and Arang ending may not be the most satisfying, but it is the only logical one.

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Sinopsis K-Drama Arang and the Magistrate Episode () – Pelangi Sinopsis

And cake is cake anyway you slice it. This way, they get more years to be arzng starting at the age of 5! Kiara October 19, at 6: There is another point; both are the same sort of beings, living on borrowed “time”. If being punished means becoming a flower eating goat in Heaven, I’m ready to become a serial killer. He said if she went to heaven she’s the kind of person who would figure out a way to keep her memories anyway and that’s what happened.


What do I do now?

And why sinospis everyone in the drama cry, cry, cry? It was just like, oooh, okay. If they had started over with a completely new reincarnation of both of them, that would have been more satisfying in my opinion than what happened.

Angela October 18, at 8: We back up to the hairpin. Have you no sympathy? Going to miss those two. Will you accept my heart? Eun-oh is furious, accusing them of sending Ajd on an impossible mission and cackling to themselves as they watched from their heavenly perches: While the latter totally went down the drain for me.

Toystar October 18, at ShinRaeMi07 October 19, at 7: In solving that one thing, they get rid of the fairy, solve the issue with Arang or get a clue about it. That’s too much sugar-coating for me. Something can’t become nothing.

Is this the math version of mavistrate, where zero value is better than negative value? Sure he did live all those years, following instructions to the t with or without news of the beloved and deranged sister.

This way he forgets and is still of service.

The only reason he could kill so heartlessly, was because he thought he wont remember all his evil deeds and that he will forget them anyway. I think he is very good in TBDW too. I didn’t mean I want him suffer Download the latest version here. Mayistrate abdicates the role of magistrate.


sinopsis arang and the magistrate episode 19 part 1

During the Joseon era in the city of MiryangArang was the pure, beautiful, goodhearted daughter of a magistrate. Might be that it absorbed a bunch of other stuff Also gives room for forgiveness, which was a smaller theme.

It was more polished and engaging. In Buddhism I mean there are 2 sect Totally agree Dominique is an unrelenting troll here! They tried to drive home the idea that they were the same soul, if not the same person, by having him “transform” at the end, but I didn’t really buy it.

In a world of gods and ghosts, reincarnation is reasonable with gods in charge of rewards, and character-wise, perfect for the mere mortals they only are. I know, I could actually hear SMA’s voice as Arang saying those exact same words, it was a great choice of child casting. Thanks JB and GF for the wonderful and witty recaps!

Gosh, why are you always so harsh? I wonder about his character though.

Sinopsis ‘Arang and the Magistrate’ All Episodes

These cowardly steps that I took with a fearful heart, I will now end. No idea about rewards for individual acting but the chemistry was definitely all there. She must have another name, Sato gets his own back because of his servantsma overly affectionate mancrus–ahem. What can that mean? Lengkap Arang and The Magistrate Episode 1,2,3,4, Promotional poster for Arang and the Magistrate.

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