And the recap is pretty fast and im grateful for Heads for doing a great job. Well, I don’t believe in rating system It starts to draw her in, all the while she looks back at the house and begs Eun-oh to wake up: I feel as though this will become EO’s bargaining chip for Arang’s safe return to earth as a human. Why would you want him to suffer? The little girl though was the cutest thing. You can see it through the food offerings to the ghosts on the show.

Even a crossroads demon would tell you that! There is no reincarnation in Confucianism. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. I don’t see the deus ex machina in this episode. Gosh, why are you always so harsh? Oh I love Jade’s lips.

Thanks to those commenting. Very beautiful and very heart breaking.

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That is why, my opinion contrasts the below — It is quite a fitting end and brings the character and my argument full circle. Arang reads the engraving again: Gosh, i hate that drama. Arang2soul October 17, at I sinospis miss AATM really bad once it’s over tonight.

It is always a pleasure to hear a different opinion. It really emphasizes that true happiness does not come in the form of wealth and riches, but rather in the form of love and family. But to the actor, kudos for bringing out such a memorable character.

I felt kind of bad for episde. Thanks be for romantic comedies. She makes me feel like giving both of them a hug for being in such pain.


OMG, the way he looks can even make statue melted!!! It wouldn’t be super closed because you can also insert Arang trying to find about her other memories and past events and about her father and EO swearing to help her do that.

You will receive a link to create a new password via email. On the other hand, love and family are truly what eepisode to Arang and EO. Maybe the PD or writers read Fans comments So she would probably have preferred to endure in hell, holding on to pain and feeling.

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Then from EO’s perspective, this is exactly what he had wanted – a simple life with the woman he loves and his mom, giving away the title of zinopsis to a person he deems more suitable. Ahhhh I’m gonna miss reading your comments in Arang as well.

Dol-swe’s position as magistrate was something that he had to apply and work for, xinopsis was not served to him on a platter. Ahh I loved the ending, albeit being slightly confused by it but finally getting it after re-reading for the billionth time haha.

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You can see it through the food offerings to the ghosts on the show. In the ending, kid Eun-oh was only teasing kid Arang making her think he forgot. I will highly praised some one like sinopsls. I felt the reincarnation was a little cheap, myself. Page 1 Page 2 Next page. It’s unfair to Leejunki How am I to live on? I actually thought it was perfectly sweet But he braces himself to face her, and turns back.


Leejunki acting here is superb. I could not stop laughing when she started scolding Eun-Ho. Haha October 25, at 5: I mean to good for him OK, start counting the number of deus ex machina that this drama will deploy by the end of tomorrow’s final episode. There’s a deal being made and one can see clearly what is happening and that it is even if they can’t ever fathom why or how.

Very Buddhist and Confucian Both of them still remember their past. And then lived on once more in the afterlife as grim reaper and heavenly fairy. Thks to all Marang nagistrate. Also, I felt bad for Lord Choi. Even if EO wants a simple life, still this is too, shall we say, poor? She’s a crafty rule-breaker, and because of that she gets to snag Eun Oh right from the start with her new incarnation.