This makes me wonder if they are the same person at all. She looks into her mystical mirror… where a young woman looks back at her, smiling just as devilishly. Still dealing with gaksital-ending withdraw. How big is it a deal back then for a high ranking minister to add his son with a slave to the family registry? It was Lee Joon-gi ‘s comeback acting project after being discharged from military service in February Thank you javabeans for another lovely recap!

I love the surprises in the story He reaches the building where she is, and approaches the door. Aside from trying to thieve an entire wardrobe outfit for Arang a few episodes back, and conning Dol-Soe out of a few pennies, I don’t recall her doing anything else to or for anybody. Um, you forgot to twirl your mustache, sir. Which happens to be shorthand for: Archived from the original on September 22, Fairies and Grim Reapers can marry?!

Sinopsis ‘Arang and the Magistrate’ All Episodes

Episore hope I’m right! So, now that we know that the Big Bad is an ex-fairy, my latest theory is that Mu-yeon escaped back to earth to avenge crimes against herself and her family–something that her brother learned to let go but she couldn’t? Or maybe he has another set of conditions that we do know yet?

Why is this show so awesome?

Bang-wool shoots up in awkward panic, choosing to leave rather than confront her embarrassment. He directs Dol-swe to have the people spread some rumors. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. See you next week! Arang and Joo-wal continue their snacking adventures. And after that he’ ll have love affair with one of ghe faries. Too good to be true. She feels the fabric and looks at all the colors with such deep appreciation.


It would totally makes sense for a chrysanthemum to be a mystic symbol in the world of death. Compare JW’s flashback and the high shaman now.

I love the onion metaphor! I wpisode so giddy and all coz of their cute interactions especially at the end but it makes me so sad because I know there’s an end to it. I don’t know anymore. And then he keeps his word not to fight back, while they pummel him to the ground. Then she gives another one to the first ghost, wnd waves as they scamper off. It makes me want to go cry under the table now.

They finally exchange names and eat happily. She got so mad that she decided to avenge the death of her loved ones. I want that flashback so badly.

I would definitely recommend watching Arang! Now if only I can find episode 11 to eepisode

Still thankful to subbers who are still there. He walks past Mom and into the yard, where Eun-oh lies unconscious.

Arang, the Christ figure! Did you sinopdis some for our Satoh? Redge September 14, at Plus, i love the music that plays whenever Eun-oh fight, it’s so epic!

Sinopsis ‘Arang and the Magistrate’ All Episodes – Korean Drama Sinopsis Indonesia

Eun Oh’s “heaven” looked exactly like real heaven where the Jade Emperor’s goat sinopsus, so I was confused when Arang denied that the heavens looked similar. The man raises his sword…. AND it reunited Arang with Bang-wool. Hope it will turn out well though. Secondly, he didn’t seem very schooled in the supernatural world when he approached Wool Bang for information after Arang supposedly left for the underworld and when WB explained to him the different levels of hell, EO questioned the integrity of her abd.


You always say what I wish to say eloquently, lol.

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She figures out their plan pretty quickly—that going after Arang means they draw her out into the open. I want to devour every single details and scenes. Joo-wal te to buy her a snack, and Arang grabs one of everything and stuffs her face. She has no memories of her past life, aarang all her memories are of her ghost life–which as we’ve seen, was rough and not very happy.

I thought there was one ghost beggar and one human beggar too, but got thrown off when it looked like Joo-wal didn’t even notice the human beggar, but did notice Arang’s actions as weird.