You are commenting using your WordPress. Almost everything in episode 1 we have seen already through the previews, etc. Never really knew him before this drama began Actor Jo Hyun-jae is contributing a track to the soundtrack for his current drama, 49 Days, following fellow castmate Jung Il-woo, aka our sassy Scheduler, w It gives me hope. Spirit Ji Hyun confused, what should I do..

Indeed, Lee YoWon had only uttered two words in that whole episode Usurped in more ways than one, perhaps? Almost everything in episode 1 we have seen already through the previews, etc. I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep thinking of having a new drama to watch. Jh-Kyung see the sky and cry. The Story Everything starts when Yi Kyung decides that she wants to die and walks into the highway.

Bleach and Death Note. I didn’t feel her confusion and fright at all. And so the day passes and she returns to the hospital where she tells both her parents how happy she is to have been born to them. Ambie March 16, at Your email address will not be published. There could be a lot of emotional conflict there. Daniela March 16, at 9: She crouches by the road, next to a warning sign indicating a dangerous accident-prone area.

There are rules though. Even when a customer tries to engage her with a friendly smile, she looks right through him and dismisses him. Her real body is hunched over and sinoopsis. They demand money, but find her contained reaction a little unnerving. Related articles 49 Days vivianbee.

I think of two things: I wonder if Yi-Kyung’s rescuer will make more appearances.


Me too Dx BTW I really love the story. Might probably go and watch it. A lot of questions this here belief of mine, but that’s why we live life asking them or at least I do.

Ji-hyun gets into the ambulance with…herself…and watches her body failing to respond to revival attempts. Jh-Kyung said, he was here working as a housekeeper at the request of Kang Min Ho.

This show sounds really good!

Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: If so I want to be a Reaper. Maybe the reaper is made in his image while the kadoraama that saved YK is the first love’s soul? I’m also guessing that he’s Yi-Kyung’s old love? Have been waiting for this all day: Sinopsis 49 Days Episode That makes me sad.

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JH Kyung-held pendant necklace, this But I had to comment about 10cm! I bet he will get with her in the end! He began to examine the drawer Ji Hyun and surrounding areas Thank you for the recap!! In a hotel room, kneeling in front of Min Ho Jung In and suggestions to eat first. And that my folks is the end! She takes the dress with her to have her friend try it on. The people left behind have to cleanse themselves of regret, longing, guilt or anger because it will only cause problems for the soul in transition, it could make them a wandering soul unable to leave and be reborn.

JH Kyung-Min asked for an upfront payment and ho asked, what this means is Yi Kyung agreed working at home. She worked in a Seoul hotel for two years, was unemployed for a year, then had a string of convenience store gigs. Hopefully we won’t see her anymore from now on?


Meta [Happily never after] Maybe Her easy-going attitude is fun to watch.

With Ji-hyun inhabiting Yi-kyung’s body after YK rwcaps asleep- does that mean YK will not physically sleep for the next 49 days?! Film Drama Korea 49 Days: Min Ho-Kyung JH curious!

But in a drama and in posters, it’s a bit disconcerting. I loved the line where he basically said that dying was dying and there was no romance in dying together, because in death everybody leaves alone to move reaps to the next life.

SINOPSIS 49 Days Episode 1 – 20 Lengkap – SINOPSIS TAMURA

Hot Reaper Boy speeds along on his motorcycle, on his way to a scheduled, uh, appointment. The truck, on the other hand, swerves to avoid her. She seems wooden and “plastic” to me.

Reapers today, robotic lovers tomorrow. So far it’s good, though I am still waiting for the English epixode.

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May 9, Tinggi: Han Kang Ji-Hyun said he saw the music playing in Jinan, in the hall. Min-Kyung Ho JH offered a job in his apartment, bersih2 and cook. In Jung came over and wanted an explanation, Oppa, what happened exactly?