Loved Kimber, although I did have a ‘Jem and the Holograms’ flashback the first few times I msaw the name. Total book love, people. This really tore my heart out. In fact, they ran away all the time, we heard about the villains but nothing happened. I understand her conflicts with her stepfather and her independent nature, but all her crying and whining started to get to me. Thorpe is supposed to be this big imposing Dom who knows all the tricks and is an expert at discipline and he fell short for me in that area. Sex scenes were just so so, stor Princess that lives in a made up country, speaks at least 5 languages, can fly plains and one day, when she marries, she have to take at least 3 husbands: This book has an excellent plot to go along with the amazingly erotic sex.

It was easy to put myself in her place because I am a very strong willed person when it comes to men or anyone for that matter, bossing me around. View all 30 comments. There is mystery, hot sex, and a good plot to this story. Jan 29, Cyn Mistress Kitty rated it really liked it Shelves: Raised an only child, Shayla occupied herself with lots of daydreaming, much to the chagrin of her teachers. Those guards of hers didn’t let her stay there. You feel it in your gut. And no, I don’t give even one single fuck how fast her heart is beating, how wide her pupils are dilated, or how wet her girly bits get.

Sean, Callie, and Thorpe are so dynamic apart as well as together. Bodyguards by day and good samaritans in their spare time, who vaccinates babies: Once the story goes back three days to show the reasons why Callie decided to run it took forever to just to cover three days!

She chooses to go with Hunter into hiding, and I liked this decision. Tori Glen adora su nuevo trabajo como asesora de imagen para Thurston-Hughes Inc. So I was barely able to finish this and doubt if I will read this series anymore.


Their Virgin Princess (Masters of Ménage, #4) by Shayla Black

The sexual chemistry between the two characters is amazing. I missed the Deke we met in the first book. The love that they share for Callie shyla so incredibly beautiful, and the fact that they can put aside their feelings, step outside of their comfort zone and just be what she needs is, is my definition of the perfect Dom.

Certain aspects did get on my nerves, however. He turned into a guaraespaldas devil–just like Jack was in “Wicked Ties”!

Delicious (Wicked Lovers, #3) by Shayla Black

She wants nothing more than to stay in one place and give her all to her Sir, but something is holding her back. Now, what turned me off in this story: That being said WTF! It’s a fun, sexy read. I read this a few months ago, so I am sketchy on details, blavk I believed the love between the characters as well.

There is some suspense in the end that adds a little bit to the overall story. There’s always a spot of danger lurking as they try to figure out who murdered Callie’s family and keep her safe from those hunting her.

Things start to go more and more crazy and painful events from Alyssa’s past come to light, making Luc feel like as ass, which he should. I loved that right away the book hooks you in with Callie running to Logan for help to disappear. Funny how one woman and the right set of circumstances could change blakc minds and men who were once enemies were now determined to keep one woman between them.

I was so glad that this book was better than the last one and that this series is back on track for me and I can’t wait until the next one. View all 4 comments. You would think after the man Sean proposed to her she would be jumping for joy but NO Thorpe had to be brought into the picture to make her whole.


BRAVO ladies, you did it again! In the second book in the series – Decadent – Guardeaspaldas platinum blonde bombshell owner of a strip club and Luc celebrity chef enjoyed a detailed sexual interlude.

Surrender to Me

I really hope everyone shala can enjoy this journey. I loved the part that happened next, almost wished that it could have gone on suayla, but sadly all good things come to an end. Luc was so adorable in the last book that I couldnt wait to read his own book. There are few sex scenes, and a little light bondage and “command” attitude, though hard to qualify as BDSM. Loving this freakin series.

I wanted to like this, but Hunter was just way too controlling and honestly gave me the creeps. You have to be one of the dumbest people to ever lback, if the reason you do the menage thing with your cousin is to prevent what occurred in your past.

And then something happens which just made my mouth drop open.

Animation1His fear and refusal to commit did not make sense with his personality. Taking advantage of the deal, Alyssa partakes of six hours of fantastic sex with Luc blackk Deke’s dep Holy hell. Not as good as Wicked Ties but still fantastic. What I totally loved about this book was when Luc decides to marry her thinking she is actually carrying another man’s child and how he set up the whole romantic wedding and honeymoon.

The characters were likable and I especial This book was perfect escapism reading.