What do you think about the lack that the students have related to the microskills in writing? Can you do the tasks in the worksheet? Considering the time and feasibility of the problems to be solved, it was hard to overcome all problems found in the classroom. Ajaib, paste berubah menjadi rawa besar. The picture word charts were provided to activate their background knowledge and to help them thinking inductively to predict the meaning of words. Through the appropriate techniques, teacher can facilitate students to learn the use of acceptable English rhetoric.

In conclusion, PWIM, as an integrated writing technique, is essential for the ongoing English teaching and learning process, since it enables students to improve their vocabulary mastery, to empower students from passive learning into active learning by applying the provided writing activities, and to help students write up paragraphs step by step by planning, drafting, revising, and publishing. There were also problems in grammar, especially in using past tense and in paying attention to the writing rules such as spelling, punctuation, and capitalization. I promise I will always protect my child. It seemed they had some difficulties generating sentences when they wrote using their own words. To their surprise, they found a beautiful baby girl inside the cucumber. Furthermore, the students became more actively involved in the writing activities.

They found it difficult because they did not know how to express their ideas in English. The students looked curious about the use of simple past-tense. Because the students focus on translating words into English by asking their teacher, they did not pay attention on how to organize their idea into a good organization.

Mereka akan membantu Timun Mas lari dari raksasa.

Although there were many grammatical mistakes related with tense, pronouns, and subject-verb agreement, the students started to be aware that a sentence at least should have a subject and a verb. They have to think about three main issues of writing before they start to write.


Naskah drama bahasa inggris timun mas

The almighty and merciful. Therefore, strategies can be applied through techniques consisting specific activities. Okay, I found it.

We both are farmers living in the village near the forest. Setelah itu saya akan Timun Mas menemukan. They often asked the teacher and their friends how to translate some words in Bahasa Indonesia into English language. Tunggu aku, kau gadis kecil! Report of Cycle 2 Reflecting on the discussion between the researcher, the teacher, and the collaborator, it was decided that the implementation of Cycle 2 would focus on solving the scirpt that were found in the previous cycle.

The researcher and the teacher came to the class. Tentang Conversation with inviting someone, rejecting something with reason, scrlpt admire something. Do you know then?? This is my KTP. The fourth stage is independent construction of the text ICOT. Siswa disini merupakan siswa dengan kemampuan sedang englizh motivasi belajar siswa juga rendah.

“Timun Mas” Drama Script

Planning After having discussions with the collaborators, the researcher started to develop plans of action to bring improvements on the problems. The words and phrases that have been written in previous step aim to help students to write easily and make them being comfortable in writing process.

Bagaimana cara bapak mengajari anak dalam menulis? Since then, timun emas and mbok sirni live happily ever after. It implies that teachers may expose students to variety strategies for getting started with a writing task.

They simply write quickly using the words that they have collected to deliver their ideas. Dengan putus asa ia kemudian melemparkan senjata terakhirnya, pasta udang. After the researcher guided them into identifying and labeling pictures step, they could catch the meaning of the idea in each paragraph.


No way in hell! So they went there for the help. I come here to pick her up. However, some of them were not eager to do the task. You have to reduce the materials. Tidak ada cara di neraka!

Contoh Dialog Narrative Text “Timun Mas” | Nawwaf. Com

But I will fulfill your request to have a child. Ini sangat lengket dan bau amis! Those actions were carried out in two cycles in which each cycle took two-times classroom meetings.

The giant fell into the swamp but his hands almost reached Timun Mas. The students classified words into word class.

English Short Drama (Script)

Mbok sirni tried to stop him of course, but buto ijo was unstoppable. Buto Ijo must be punished for his action. Gambarnya juga ngebantu kita buat ngembangin ide.

But his hand almost reached Timun Mas. As expected, Buto Ijo did horrible thing as he wished. Micro skills of writing are appropriate to be applied in imitative performance and intensive performance. Timun Mas felt very happy. Implementing the Action The researcher implemented the PWIM technique and the accompanying actions in the teaching and learning process.

Wait for me, you little girl! This is my last hope. I must runaway if the giant want to eat me, he must chase and catch me first!!

He was getting closer and closer and closer.