Later, Shakti calls Thenmozhi’s mother to give three drops of blood to Yazhini as he is not allowed to enter his house. The party gets over and Muskaan reaches home with Sambhav. Existing Premium Users, Click here to login. Meanwhile, Magadhi and Sarasu arrive at the hospital located in Andhra to take Vetri back to Chennai. Bhairavi spends a sleepless night and is worried that Muskaan’s entry in to her house will cause a threat to her status. Saubhaghyalakshmi – Episode – January 18, – Full Episode. Saubhaghyalakshmi – Episode – January 14, – Full Episode.

Nattamai returns from meeting Rishi with his proposal for Lakshmi to marry him. Saubhaghyalakshmi – Episode – January 11, – Full Episode. She later transfers twelve thousand rupees in Kuhu’s account so that she can make her trip. Please login to access the content. However, Kavya continues to be positive and when she finds a boy on the road after an accident, she immediately stops another car to take him to the hospital. Moments later, the owner of the house asks Vasundhara for the rent and she is unable to pay the entire amount.

Sambhav is forced to hide inside the washroom when Lkashmi knocks on the door. However, she asks for a loan of seventy thousand and Kavya is bound by a contract whereby she is supposed to stick to her job until she pays the entire amount back.

Bhairavi speaks to the driver and tries to find out about Samarth’s mood. Lakshmi Vanthachu Season 1.

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Later, Samarth is surprised when Bhairavi agrees to meet Muskaan’s family to speak of his marriage. Meanwhile, Kavya and Samarth get ready with the presentation. How will Kavya and others react when Bhairavi discusses Samarth’s marriage?

Samarth and Muskaan together inform Vasundhara of their decision to get married. Shakti handsover the soil with Yazhini’s footprint to Kathra for doing the exorcism on Yazhini and take his revenge on Anushka for killing his son. He later, asks her to select some diamond jewellery for Muskaan’s birthday and Kavya selects something. Saubhaghyalakshmi – Episode – January 15, – Full Episode. The old lady arrives at the hospital and waits for the right time to kidnap Yazhini.


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The house owner however, takes the money and leaves. Lakshmi and Thangavel arrive at the crematorium where the priest is conducting a prayer. Sambhav reaches Kavya’s room and shows her the documents which state that he is now the owner of his mother’s wealth.

Later, Vasundhara arrives at Samarth’s place with her three granddaughters.

Kavya tries to speak to Vasundhara and explain herself to her. Saubhaghyalakshmi – Episode – January 11, – Full Episode. Vasundhara’s wait for Kavya continues while Kavya is forced to work at Samarth’s house. That night, Kavya wakes up and is surprised to find Muskaan out of her bed. Shakti comes back to his house and lies to his parents about realizing his mistake and asks his parents and Lakshmi to forgive him.

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The doctor believes Magadhi to be Vetri’s wife and stops the operation they were going to perform on him. She starts to fight with Samarth but realizes that her cabin has been changed.

Saubhaghyalakshmi – Episodes Samarth makes it clear that he will either marry Muskaan or not marry at all. Muskaan makes it clear to Samarth that there is no match between her and him.

Episoxe decides to ask Shakti about his thoughts on marrying Lakshmi and goes to his room. Muskaan and Kuhu leave the house with the keys and they go straight to Kavya’s office.


What will Bulbul’s reaction be when she finds Aliya with Purab? Watch ahead to find out.

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Muskaan assures Kuhu that things will be sorted out once Kavya returns home. The doctor scolds Thenmozhi and Nattamai for being careless with Yazhini because of their superstitious belief and episose her body condition get weak. She informs her sisters about the job offer but considers rejecting it. Saubhaghyalakshmi – Episode – January 7, – Full Episode. Sarasu shows Magadhi the post of Vetri being alive in a coma stage as a plan to stop Lakshmi from marrying Rishi.

He shouts at Sambhav and expresses his disappointment towards Bhairavi for hiding the matter. Kuhu meanwhile mistakes Samarth’s nephew to be a mechanic and saubgagya him work for her.

Next day, Kavya arrives with her family at Samarth’s house to begin the marriage preperations. She finds Samarth’s style of dating very eplsode but does not fail to get money out of him. Kavya finds out that the MD of the compay is the same person she had slapped earlier and she is surprised.

Samarth saubhayya that Sambhav has been withdrawing money from company’s account for his personal use and this gets him furious. Existing Premium Users, Click here to login.