Ghuman informs Kabir that Danny is avoiding her. Dugba catches Kalika when she is eavesdropping their conversation. Kalika finds a suitcase, containing money, and hides it from Yash. Kabir informs Danny that he had stolen Vidyachatur’s property papers on Ghuman’s insistence. Guniyal suspects that Dugba is worried about something, and informs Vidyachatur. Sunny asks Saraswati Chandra to go to Gujarat on a business trip in his stead. On Kumud’s insistence, Saraswatichandra eats food.

Saraswatichandra engages the security guard outside the school, while Danny and Kabir install a spy camera in the storeroom. However, the police inform Kumud that Saraswatichandra’s car has not met with any accident. Kumud informs Saraswatichandra that Kabir is involved with Ghuman. Kumud manages to retrieve Danny’s phone from Prashant’s house. Saraswatichandra requests Kumud to relocate to Mumbai as he cannot cook. Danny informs Kusum that they are going to Dubai, to manage Laxminandan’s business. Kusum learns about Danny’s plan, and decides to help him. Saraswatichandra rescues Kumud, and beats Jugnu.

Saraswatichandra goes in search of Kumud

Sunanda instructs Saraswatichandra to release her associate, if he wants to see Kumud alive. Kumud sends Kusum to serve tea to Saraswatichandra on the terrace.


Saraswatichandra believes that she challenged him to come to Ratnanagiri because he wounded her pride.

Kumud and Kusum perform the puja. Saraswatichandra tends to her. Kumud informs Vidyachatur that Saraswatichandra has left. Ghuman learns that Kabir had asked the astrologer to tell nice things about Kusum and Danny because Kumud was aware of her conspiracy. Kabir apologises to Anushka for troubling her.

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Kalika accuses him of misbehaving with her. Kumud becomes shocked on seeing Saraswatichandra in the house. The police decide to raid Sunanda’s house. Later, Kumud informs Sunanda that she is Ghuman’s daughter-in-law.

Meanwhile, Kumud notices that her mobile phone is missing.

Saraswatichandra vows to get Kumud released. Saraswatichandra captures one of them. Danny suggests Ghuman to leave for Dubai as the police are searching for her. Kabir notices Ghuman following him, and catches her.

Kusum asks Danny to return the property papers to Saraswatichandra. Vidyachatur wishes Laxminandan on the occasion of Uttarayan.

The police interrogate Kajal, and free her. Sunanda welcomes the guests for the dance. Saraswatichandra eoisode flowers for Kumud, to cheer her. Sunanda asks Jugnu to pay Rs. Sunanda elisode Kajal instead of Kumud, to meet the sheikh. Kabir collides with Anushka and has an argument with her.


Prashant makes an excuse, and collects his key from Kumud’s house. Later, he diffuses the bomb. Saraswatichandra plans to take Kumud on a date.

Kabir receives a girl at the bus stop.

Saraswatichandra season 1 episode 309

Ghuman decides to kill Kabir, Saraswatichandra and Kumud. Saraswatichandra tries to make pots, but in vain. However, their parents remain adamant on their decision.

Sony asks Suvreen to request Samar to shoot her portfolio. Sunanda tells Saraswatichandra that Ghuman had asked her to keep Kumud as a hostage. She becomes shocked on seeing Saraswatichandra and his secretary, in the house.