Rashid too asks him to keep hope. You saved her life risking your life. She then goes onto ask everyone, about their gifts. Murakh Das sees her and asks whom are you searching. Vidyachatur asks how did this happen. She says that he may never know that she might just run away before marriage.

Murakh Das says what did you say Saras? Saras says he will come. Kumud pulls Kusum out of the fire and asks her to open her eyes. She doesnt understand it, and asks why they didnt wake her up. Badimaa is shocked to hear this. A password will be e-mailed to you.

eplsode Kumud says you are warning me? She tells she never thought SC could impersonate as someone else. Kusum locks the door from inside and Kumud says Kusum listen to me, open the door. Sataswatichandra a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Saras gives him the update and Danny is shocked.

The Episode starts with Kusum asking Kumud whats the truth. Kalika comes to Pramad. Kumud asks him to come for sometime as his parents would feel good.

Budhidhan says Vidyachatur has sent his daughter Kusum because he is worried about Kumud, as Pramad might have done anything there. The screen freezes on her confused face. Zoya asks if he thought that she would fall for this.


You try to bring Pramad in the function. Zoya joins him and asks him not to be tensed, as nazma is very mature. Kalika sweet talks but Khusum asks her to get some sweet for her.

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He tries to put off the fire. Kusum is still going mad.

Kusum says you should reply back to Kalika. Humaira is suddenly aware of her changed personality, and she is shocked seeing the saree and the vermillion in her forehead. As the doorbell rings, zoya offers to open it. Episodr says that every year he decorates them for her, but god knows if this time the same would happen.

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Danny asks Kusum to rest and call him if she needs anything. Kalika tells Khumud that Pramad and wrktten are with each other for 13 years.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Vidyachatur asks how did this happen. She says when you see Saras, you will think of me, you would have saved me, but you chose Saras not me. Mamu says that today she was born, and today only she was reborn again.

Telly Duniya – Written Updates: Saraswatichandra 28th August Written Update

Kusum asks Kumud what was Kalika saying. She says I will give the answers to all your questions today after the party. He continues that he wants them to come episoode meet his parents, as they dont want anything to be hidden.


He cries seeing her crying. Pramad comes and taunts that SC is a saviour he not only saved the kamarpandh but also pride of sarassatichandra house. She asks the servant to give food for SC. Pramad looks on disinterested. Email required Address never made public. She also asks for her mother. Kumud is praying to the Lord and asks for help and blessings. She asks him to get in. Budhidhan asks him how will we do this. Khusum asks her to leave and she will come in wditten minute.

Saras says I will go by bus. Saras says he will come. Kumud gives the tiffin to Saras and says you also have it.