Maya is horrified by the news but afterwards she gets to know that it is a lie and proposes that Rita and Rosesh should get married officially. Maya makes a bet with Monisha that men can’t remember important dates. Soniya and her friend bring Ba’s spirit in Monisha’s body to find the papers. Monisha investigates and catches him with Kiran a. Sahil, on the other hand, is going out so he can avoid the elections. Merchant is well known for acting in the shows Ek Hasina Thi, Merchant started her career in with the TV show Shaktimaan which she played the role of Julia a assistant.

Which results in Monisha threatening to leave the house but Sahil not stopping her to. Maya and Monisha stay in Indravadan’s flat. She rose to prominence when she appeared in the hit TV serial Idhar Udhar in the s. Merchant is well known for acting in the shows Ek Hasina Thi, Merchant started her career in with the TV show Shaktimaan which she played the role of Julia a assistant. Rosesh’s visa gets rejected. Meanwhile, Indravadan is having an affair with a woman who he talks to using a secret mobile. Maya’s mobile is defunct and flashbacks to the time when he repaired the fridge to convince Monisha why she should not tell Dushyant about it. Sahil, Rosesh and Indravadan shift to Sahil’s flat.

Maya and Sahil play a prank on Indravardhan. A psychic predicts that Rosesh should marry within a month or he will have to wait for 51 years. Member feedback about Mary Kom: Sahil then lies to Monisha that Maya has hallucinations issues and tells her that he is seeing a doctor for lunch. Series shaded in light green are currently in production.

Participating in that tradition can make foreigners feel accepted, on the other hand, in Thailand, haggling seems to be softer than the other countries due to Thai culture, in which people tend to be humble and avoiding argument. Aamir Ali at the Internet Movie Niternational. He has a morbid fascination for various electronic appliances from toasters to tube lights to refrigerators to elevators.

They come to Sarabhais for help. However, Maya finds out that it was Rosesh who had written about Maya.


If Monisha donates all the money and paintings she got from her uncle, Maya will donate 5 lakhs. Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Sitcoms Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. This time it is funnier and more insane”. Indravardhan writes a play to show Maya that he can do something constructive.

Sarabhai vs Sarabhai

She is also well known for her role as Dr Sonali Barwe in C. Monisha’s uncle Jaspal dies leaving behind expensive paintings and antiques for Monisha. Maya loses her memory and becomes middle-class. But Maya arranges for Sahil’s marriage with Sarita’s daughter Priya. A psychic predicts that Rosesh should marry within a month or he aarabhai have to wait for 51 years. This is a list of programming broadcast on each feed of [Rishtey] TV channel [Rishtey] around the world. The results declared are that it is a tie but then Sahil comes and votes for Maya.

To please him she make him a meal, which is horrible. When Rosesh finds out, he refuses to come home. His brother Piyush Sahdev and sister Meher Vij are also actors.

Maya’s friend Sarita mentions that her husband is cheating on her. Sahil helps Indravadan to prepare a drink and episoed is served to Dinesh who visits them for a sarahai match. Aishwarya Sakhuja is an Indian model turned actress. Wedk has also appeared in film.

Then they become friends. Finally they broke up due to some issues with the pets and Rosesh returns home. This page was last edited on 18 Februaryat He knew the science of morals, politics, skilled in drawing inference from evidence and he was competent in judging the correctness and incorrectness of complex syllogistic statements consisting of 5 proponents. Although relations with her family were strained internatioonal she entered the industry, Sherawats family have now accepted her career choice and they.

Maya’s cousins; Himanshu, Hansa along with their family come over to meet her and Indravadan. He is also upset because no one cares that he is being awarded for his sunscreen wee.

He is married to Rekha Gour and has two Daughters. Maya is outraged and tells Monisha to make use of the money by giving it to charity and not wasting it on discount sales. So Maya gets the gardner, servant and watchman to write the second act of the play.


His students are people from all corners of the country as well camily the world. They have a daughter named Surshree or Reewa who is a singer herself, the fourth son to the Dhrupad Maestro, Pandit Chaturbhuj Rathod, Roop Kumar, was initiated into the world of music in his very early years.

His journey began as a player and he went on to become one of the most sought after tablists by almost all the ghazal singers in the 80s. She is vegan and Rosesh decides to do as she says.

Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai Ep 26 Part 1

He tells Sahil that he is falling in love with Koki. Sitcom topic A sitcom, short for situation comedy, is a genre of comedy centered on a fixed set of characters who carry over from episode to episode.

They fool them by saying that they were fooling them to just show a glimpse of what a tiger would do. Members of the extended family and friends make regular appearances and plots of some episodes are centered around these characters as well.

The show returned as a web series on Hotstar in May Member feedback about Rohitash Gaud: In the flashback, on Sonya’s tarot card reading, Wek explains that she has vowed to pay visit to the shrine of Matkadharbaba for the marriage of Rosesh.

While jogging, he meets actress Koki Sharma. Rosesh while practicing for a beggar’s role drops his lotta on the car. After some slip-ups, Maya discovers everything.

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Arnab asks Sahil to apologize to Indravadan. Sherawat at the Cannes Film Festival Member feedback about Mallika Sherawat: Wdek asks everyone to write their true feelings on paper chits on the World Honesty Day. Jayakar and industrialist G.