Have a great stay. I’ve owned a liverpool and a blonde AQ , Dec 18, Packing more metal than Pittsburgh, the U. Shifting to a major key, the two lead guitars harmonize a theme at first using a clean California amp sound then switching gears to a grittier Mark II sound. That tradition of providing realistic amp tones at the push of a button continues with the SansAmp Character Series pedals. As I said the more you turn up the amp the less that bright boost will come into play. The real magic lies in the Character control.

Metal is here to raise hell and steal your girl. I didn’t hear any MK tones, plenty of Recto type tones. GibsonLives , Dec 19, Low, Mid and High, however, are active, providing a wider array of tonal possibilities. We welcome you to enjoy the diverse state of California. The pocket-sized tube amplifier emulator made it possible to consistently get your desired amp tone without buying a lot of amps and speaker cabinets or enduring endless tweaking of microphones and settings. Even still, I probably won’t move right away, it being the holidays and all – gotta at least try to think about buying for others first, you know? Dec 16, 9.

Hands-On Review: Tech 21 SansAmp Character Series Pedals

They can also be fed into your existing guitar amp—giving you a virtual wall of vintage and modern amp voices. You can custom tweak and program six of your personal sounds, from vintage clean to gnarly ccalifornia to crushing distortion. Home Forums Recent Posts.

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There’s some stuff about the Cali on Youtube, califprnia there’s way more about th Liverpool, BLonde, and British pedals of the series. My rig is extremely simple: GibsonLivesDec 17, We hope so, when those faces are silver and black and this Blonde rocks pure American tone to the stratosphere.


I agree, except I would get the whole collection. Also just because there is no bright switch on the amp doesn’t mean that it is not there. No, create an account now. Rhythm guitars made jangly by pedxl Liverpool Pedal kick off the next section.

Both of us were using classic tube amps with single-coil and humbucker-equipped guitars. Me, I’d plan on using the California as the only pedal between my guitar and amp, so I wouldn’t need to worry about order, or about pushing it with another OD, etc. I still wish it had the button, but it doesn’t, and I doubt I would wait for it. And, like I’m sure you’ve seen on youtube, when you dial up the pedak and drive, you can get some GREAT tones for thick sustaining solos etc We listen, we learn and if we misstep we are not chafacter to do the right thing.

The California charavter is based on the Mesa Boogie line and lets you dial in sounds from classic clean to the Santana-like sustain of the Mark II on through to the high-gain crunch of the Rectifier series. The tower of power pumping through a stack of inchers is the legendary bass tone for players who enjoy being heard. I started a thread the other day looking for an overdrive pedal to use between my SFPR and Strat Plus, and got lots of cool suggestions.

There are six sries to build and shape your desired amp tone: The Deluxe version of the SansAmp VT Bass features a combination of a warm, all-analog signal path and convenient digital recall.

Tech 21 Sansamp California?

The Blonde was set just past 12 to churn out some percussive chunk for Chuck Berry and Eddie Cochran rockers. Have a great stay. Dec 16, 4. The cab is also designed to complement the Trademark 60 combo. Any other thoughts on the California, or character pedals in general, as well as characfer ODs of the type I might want to consider, please give me a shout.


I put the Blonde and Liverpool pedals in my effects chain while the other guitarist added the California and British to his pedalboard. I’ve owned a liverpool and a blonde Get it on with this orange-flavored retro rocker. Create three custom tones for each input or use all six locations for a single instrument. From sweet cleans to crushing distortion, the Oxford is one juicy pedal. Blistering distortions and searing lead tones just keep coming; every nu-metal chunk, every modern rock slab.

The California, of course, does not, which is made odder still because the U.


Obviously, I can tailor them to my liking from there; I’m just asking for what you would consider a good starting point. Low, Mid and High, however, are active, providing a wider array of tonal possibilities.

The real magic lies in the Character control. I used one direct for awhile with a Crunch Box, phase, and delay in front of it.

I wasn’t happy with either one.

Come for the chiming, woody cleans, the gnarly overdrive of a Mark II, and the supernatural silky sustain of the lead tones.