The foundational but covered-up elements of soul-captivity and abandonment of alternative life choices will get trampled under the power of the intent to titillate. Finally, I was not won over by Anna Tsuchiya in the lead role. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! It is Seiji who is behind her…. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The film is beautiful to look at, if a little over-indulgent at times.

This dichotomy continues with the other characters in the movie as well. Kiyoha in the throes of love. That’s the reason why you sadly can’t get really into the film the way it actually might have deserved it. For a fact, there are distinctions between Japanese women entertainers of the past and geishas of today, and other classifications I am not familiar with. Naked couples in the midst of pleasure are a frequent sight in the movie. The Oiran Parade, which is still done until today.

In short, Sakuran is an enjoyable, superbly directed and impressively acted drama that gives a delicious manga-slash-J-pop twist to the geisha story. Unlike the other girls who act genteel, giggle entrancingly, and offer sweet agreements to everything their customers say, Kiyoha gives her opinion on political matters, thinks nothing of disagreeing with anyone and anything, and blatantly stands up her most expensive customers to flirt with the young ones whom she portends to love.

In the tradition of films with not too much plot and lots of stunning visuals here at Movie-Quatic, here is a film with not too much plot and lots of stunning visuals. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account.

But she can’t be happy this way and so she continuous dreaming of the day at which she can flee her life while her protector Seiji Masanobu Ando is holding off the most obvious harm from her. But Ninagawa’s obsession with image-making saps the story until the movie, like its heroine, is merely handsomely mounted.

All the same, the disconnect led to both Japanese and western reviewers calling the movie dull. Sakuran is the most riotously color-full film I have ever seen. These rock star cum actress types often possess great charisma that passes itself off as good acting in the right context. Kiyoha being unladylike and rebellious. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: During the 18th century the girl Kiyoha Anna Tsuchiya is sold into a red light district in Edo.


The bold colors of the sets and costumes didn’t bother me but the soundtrack is a little odd. He placates her and promises to take her out of the enclosure once this tree shows a flower.

Cinematic Japan: Sakuran

The Oiran, the highest ranking courtesan of the floating world, is a highly regarded person. He feels her pain and he stays put like the nearby cherry tree as he catches her sobbed surrender to a loss so great she felt like her breath was being spiiler from out of her. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

The struggles of a group of immigrant outcasts living in an alternative-future, xenophobic Japanese metropolis. There are no approved quotes yet for this movie.

So sakurann of attitude that it fairly leaps off the screen with claws bared. The heroine in this film represents those who constantly rage against their caged fate — it is her refusal to be dampened that always gets her in trouble with the others and it is around this characteristic of hers that the story revolves. There are movies you should have seen simply because of their visual inventiveness. No attempt is made to be true to the period.

This adherence to a visual focus is beautiful and striking, but it has mvoie effect of making much of the movie seem overly staged and unnatural. The characters are likeable but thin and, despite a few raw, persuasive scenes, the script feels emotionally stunted. Learn more More Like This. There is a lot of potential in “Sakuran”, especially the beautiful pictures are almost intoxicating when looking at them and the polarity worked into the film zakuran appealing, but the story isn’t enough to fill out this richly ornated frame.

Moreover, she does not hesitate to move the appropriate facial muscles, and admirably too, to generate the range of emotions felt by either Kiyoha the tigress, or Kiyoha the kitten and several more. Kiyoha succumbs and becomes the Tamagikuya Oiran, Higurashi. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here She goes on with living, generously giving affection to whomever she likes — to little trainee entertainers, to elderly or penniless clients — she does not discriminate, and being nasty to those who violate the common codes sakhran courtesy.


Her first communal bath in the house leaves an impression only of a swirling mass of bouncing breasts in the steam represented by a full minute long montage of them, while her one early act of rebellion leads her to peek into a room spoildr where she sees the current oiran naked, riding a customer, and realizes this to be her future.

Thanks to the page http: As former detective Akikazu searches for his missing daughter, Kanako, he soon learns she has a mysterious secret life. Then her heart gets broken by a puppy of a man. Seiji nurses her like a mother throughout her pain, staying up beside her bed. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Hampton Fancher on his L.

In other words, western viewers think she is not bold enough, that her individuality is unpracticed and unconvincing; Japanese viewers think she is too bold, and not in line with Japanese ideals.

The movje bathe and no effort is made to hide their nudity. Notify me of new comments via email. The Movie-Quatic with Marty and Emma. Audible Download Audio Books. Sakuran is a stunningly colorful film by director Ninagawa Mika based on a serialized manga, a Japanese comic, of the same name.

The film stars Anna Tsuchiya and marks the directorial debut of photographer Mika Ninagawa. Further on in the movie, she becomes pregnant from one of her customers and vows to keep the child in what initially seems like a turning point in her character, but when she loses it later on, there appears to have been almost no character shift.

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It’s not that I think the music is bad, or that it is too terribly out of place. Aug 27, Full Review…. Not to mention the fact that she is only half-Japanese, and it certainly is noticeable — in many scenes, she bears a striking or disturbing resemblance to Angelina Jolie.

There only the bright moon could see and hear her, in her midnight blue kimono with a print like that of distant galaxies.