The next morning, Ramprasad sees Sawri leave the house and get into a car. Just then, Shweta spots Aditya Aditya Redij sitting nearby and is scared. Aman’s maternal uncle, Ashok, tells Mahendra that he has decided to return to their village, or memories of Sawri will haunt him. The next morning, Aditya returns home drunk, so everyone yells at him. On the other hand, when Shweta refuses to eat, Bhabho comes out of the room and is inconsolable that she hurt her by telling her the truth. Aman’s uncle reminds him that they will stand to lose even in business if the marriage is called off. The next day, Daksh comes to Bhabho’s house to invite everyone for lunch as his aunt has accepted Shweta and Rajveer’s match. She demands to know from her family why they had lied about her mother being dead!

Shweta and the boy, Aman, are given time to talk to each other. Saloni tells Sawri that others will also see her beauty when she herself realises how beautiful she is. The family is consumed with more guilt when Gurumaa informs Bhabho and others that Sawri, the girl whom they always ill-treated, is Nahar and Saloni’s daughter! However, Brijesh orders Aman and his family out of the house and calls off the engagement. Tara notices that Aman has forgotten his phone and jacket, so Bhabho asks Sawri to return it to him. Shweta returns home and tells Sawri that she had the best time of her life!

The pre-nuptial ceremony begins with great fanfare. Brijesh asks Shweta to cut the cake but she waits for Sawri to come. On the other hand, Bhabho comes to Shweta’s room with a glass of milk, so Sawri hides under the blanket pretending to be asleep. Bhabho is so happy to see Brijesh back that she agrees to let Sawri stay back.

Bhabho and Pia complain about Kamini’s short dress. Later, Shweta tells Sawri that she was pleased hearing Aman’s views.

She says that she is pleased about having fulfilled her promise to look after Shweta. However, Aman comes just then and assures Bhabho that he finds nothing wrong in Shweta dancing.


The next morning, Bhabho asks Sawri to deck up Shweta.

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Meanwhile, Narpat and Ambica return from their pilgrimage and Kaveri informs them about Sawri getting engaged to Aman’s widowed paternal uncle! Daksh mistakenly assumes Sawri to be Pgere.

Gurumaa informs them that her son, Amritanand, lives the life of an ascetic and says that if Saloni and Amrit were cheats, then they would have never confessed the truth to the family! Shweta and Aman go to seek the blessing of the goddess. A pot falls in the process, and Aman sees his jacket and phone on the shelf. Kamini mocks at her misfortune. Sawri overhears and cries.

Epiosde, Bhabho and others are observing the rituals on Nahar’s death anniversary when Gurumaa comes. Ambica gives her the same pendant that she’d given Saloni on her 18th birthday. Meanwhile, Narpat and Ambica refuse to tell Sawri the truth about her parents, so Sawri narrates what happened to Rajveer and Shweta’s match, and says that she wants to prove her mother’s innocence.

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Saloni asks Rajveer to call Shweta home for lunch next puere. Brijesh tells Tara that he will inform Narpat and Ambica about Shweta’s marriage, although Tara does not want to maintain ties with them. Meanwhile, Aman vows to seek revenge from Sawri. Meanwhile, Aman’s paternal uncle Pankaj Kalra comes home.

Daksh finds a letter from Saloni in which she mentions that she’s leaving home so that Bhabho and others will accept Rajveer.

At the jewellery shop, Shweta does not like the ring that Aman chooses. Sawri and Ramprasad manage to find Shweta and Vaidehi. The next morning, Ramprasad sees Sawri leave the house and get into a car.

Bhabho epissode her to move ahead in life because the children need her. The entire truth is revealed. She feigns sympathy and instigates her against Bhabho and others. Brijesh phones Ambica and tells her that Sawri is missing.


Ambica recalls how Saloni had returned it to her and asked her to give her daughter for her 18th birthday. Where is Sawri going? On the other hand, Shweta voices her concern about Sawri’s decision, but Vaidehi reassures her. Rajveer saves Shweta and even returns to rescue Aman. Daksh is totally smitten by Sawri! Lady Luck smiles at him as Sawri indeed comes to return it! She also reveals that Sawri and Shweta are her daughters, and asks Daksh and Rajveer to take care of them. Seeing Shweta survive, Aman promises that she won’t live for long!

Later at night, Shweta tells Sawri that she does not like Tara yelling at her all the time. Shweta and Rajveer dance on stage.

Aman tells Bhabho and others epksode he will not agree for the wedding until Shweta sawt her consent. Sawri decks up Shweta and the sisters share an emotional moment together. Ambica yells at her, and Nikita too requests Kaveri to calm down. Meanwhile, Shweta meets Rajveer and informs him that she 4400 merely Saloni’s adopted daughter.

Brijesh phones Aman and asks for Ashok because Sawri is missing. Brijesh requests Bhabho to let Sawri stay in their house because Shweta and she are incomplete without each other. Narpat and his family too arrive just then.

The brothers share emotional moments with her. Shweta goes to the discotheque and has a superb time with Kamini and her friends. He returns to Rajveer and says that the girl he loves seems to more like a girl he would be attracted to! Shweta notices how repulsive Sawri is to Aman’s paternal uncle’s touch.