Just a matter of time. Audible Download Audio Books. Reel Time Flicks Film reviews and news, everyone’s a critic! The obviously evil paper “boy” real-life year old Daniel Ross Owens instantly begins his stalking of her. Just a kid with black eyes. What the fuck, production staff?

Sonny Blake Lin Shaye Do you feel this content is inappropriate or infringes upon your rights? Cancel reply Enter your comment here Why hasn’t anyone complained to the newspaper that their deliveryman is a monster who scares the hell out of them? I wish I could share Ray Wises enthusiasm for that film I’m guessing the script read a lot better , but I can also see what he liked about the movie. Sonny was raised with brutality by her father and is a traumatized woman that was submitted to therapy by Dr. The Nature of the Beast Flash forward to the Cops funeral.

Rosewood Lane feels like a work in progress. Sonny Blake, moves back to her hometown, she takes notice of her neighborhood paper boy’s unusual behavior. May God have mercy on the souls of these bastards who made this film.

But with no evidence and him being a minor no one takes it very seriously. Ten Stars or Less. Give it a try, why not? You know how some horror movies are so cheesy mpvie make you laugh?

The paperboy is extremely creepy and i found him really scary!! I was not expecting much and sure enough it was a stinker. Newer Post Older Post Home. Almost immediately entering into the neighborhood she is warned not too interact with the creepy paperboy. Rosewood Lane feels cold and tone deaf, never achieving any suspenseful heights nor does it ever appear to be fully trying. Yes No Report this. The cameo appearances of cult actors such as Lin Shaye and Ray Wise are a nice gimmick for genre fans as well.


I know what you are thinking, and Yes, she does own a cat. October 4, at 7: Rosewood Lane was one of those movies that would only work as one of those half-hour TV horror triples episodes and even then, it would only be a third-ranked show, like Monsters.

That rarely translates to: Nothing anyone does in the final scenes of the movie make ANY logical sense. Rosewpod is not a movie with pails of blood pouring out or tons of gore spewing about, but I thought it was a nice mild suspense thriller that reminded me of the Twilight Zone days.

But what really spoilt it for me was the very last minute. I am going to watch it again and see if I missed anything, because I thought the movie was very good.

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Did I mention this character is played by Rose McGowan? The detective not only lets her into the house but also asks the police to give her a moment alone with her father’s corpse on the basement floor you know standard police procedure.

July 14, at Kid Hawthorne Daniel Ross Owens Even triplfts the story could be glossed over as reminiscent of this or that movie it still had it’s own differences.


The acting isn’t extraordinary but solid enough to keep the audience interested until the end.

The plot isn’t the most original one and somewhat predictable for genre fans. This is not a horror film but I would say triplwts of a mild thriller. When radio talk show psychiatrist, Dr.

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I am not going to rehash the movie because many have given a synopsis but this area is for reviews and not a synopsis of the storyline. Tripletz, like Wes Anderson, is strictly one note and has a style he never deviates from. The needless cat murder doesn’t help its reputation either.

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I was relieved when this part wasn’t too graphic. The paper MAN has completely black eyes- so you think he is going to turn out to be a demon or something good. Sure, it’s a little derivative of other work but what horror movie isn’t?