Now can I have my son back? It ranks as one of my select top half dozen films out of thousands , and certain to remain there forever. Eventually they do, but untill that moment a lot of adventures happen! And also thanks to Tage Danielsson and everyone else who made this movie! Cudo’s and many mad props to those who created it. OK, you don’t know. Yes, if he wasn’t such a bastard. I only see a reference to an apparently non-existent US distributor called distributing.

I was totally amazed. I wanted to let her run free ages ago. Astrid Lindgren must have been one of the most cherished book authors in Sweden. If you know of a source please feel free to contact me. Astrid Lindgren novel , Astrid Lindgren screenplay. I saw it for the first time when I was about 6 or 7 years old. Brag when you’re riding home.

The series tells stories from the childhood of a sometimes naughty, but very lovable and kindhearted young boy growing up on a farm in southern Sweden in the early 20th century. I think this film should especially be watched by girls, since Astrid lindgren has put in it wubtitles special message for them. Your pheasants, your forest?.

Especially the robbersdaughher fantasy-creatures, that in Swedish are called Rumpnissar, will make you laugh. Here is your robber-chief.

Ronja Rövardotter with subtitles | Amara

But i live a long way from that nature. OK, you don’t know. When forbidden by their respective families to see each other again, they do everything they can to put an end to these old rivalries. I like to be Ronja. My mother first wouldn’t let me see it, because she thought it would be too scary for me.

Emil visit the market in Vimmerby, take part in the yearly religious examination and save Alfred from dying in a snow storm. But make sure to clean up after yourself. The caracters, the nature and the music. Sign in Continue with Facebook Continue with Google.


Neither this time, when her little sister got a concussion, and it’s not her fault that she puts a pea up her own nose. I don’t speak any Swedish, but still I know all the lines by heart, just by seeing it so many times! You can stay with them until spring comes. If you like nature and beautiful scenery, you’ll probably love Ronja.

Ronja Robbersdaughter F.u.l.l English Subtitle

And the surroundings, WOW! Her world is also inhabited by strange creatures, from little gnome-like creatures to flying evil birdlike witches.

It was pretty long time ago I saw it, but I remebered that I liked it like everyone else that hve seen it. Have you spoken to Matt yet, about moving out to the bear cave? Yes, if he wasn’t such a bastard.

How can you find so much stuff every day? Bloody thing is Fobbersdaughter in region 2 and pal format too of course We live in a time that some countries forbid children to sit on Santa’s lap, because of what they consider ‘proper conduct’. What does he mean? Caillou’s Downhill from here with subtitle. Now the two spunky children must try to tear down the barriers that have kept their families apart for so long.

As for the movie adaptations, they’re generally interesting to a degree: When I was little this was one of my favorite films. If I watch it now I can’t help noticing that these robbeesdaughter are very mature, not the happy “Disney-themes” you would expect in a childrens film especially a Hollywood production at all.

Certainly Ronja is not The Godfather, but it’s one of the best in the genre: Now what is to like: It was a magnificent surprise! No, but I do. Soon I will crush every measly little guard in the Matt-forest.


It is not a “children movie” as most movies sorted in “family” genre are, like “Pippi Langstrumpf”, “Madiken” or “Alla vi barn i Bullerbyn” all of them by Astrid Lindgren books. We watch this movie rlbbersdaughter year in December at the U film society mnfilmarts. She showed me that girls can stand up for themselves just as boys, and that women can be just as tough as men.

Still, this one is an intrinsically interesting story, however what stuns me the most is the legendary beauty of its scenario. This movie is about fun, adventure and values in live, and is family entertainment at its best!!!

There exists a mountain made of silver. Robberssaughter get you loose. When her father discovers her friendship with the son of another leader of a gang of robbers and therefore his sworn enemyshe leaves home and settles with Birk the boy in a cave in the woods. I would almost feel sorry for him. A robber-chief with a beer gut and a beard?

We have dungeons on this side of the castle too. Borka, that fox, probably stashes his beer somewhere back there. Born on a stormy night Ronja begins her life as the heir to the leader of a gang of thieves deep in the Swedish woods. Anyway, I think “Ronja the Robber’s Daughter” is a gem among children’s films, a timeless masterpiece that will captivate even the latest generation of 21th-century kids.