In this film, Alia films herself, voices her conflicted thoughts about gender, cultural imperialism and the taboos in the Egyptian society to which she belongs, as she exposes herself to the audience and to her own self, thereby undergoing a process of liberating catharsis that led to her much-needed self reconciliation. He directed short films as part of the amateur cinema movement and participated in independent international film festivals. Estonia Year of Production: Germany Year of production: He boasts a collection of documentariesandnarrative films,some of which have participated and garnered awards in variousfilm festivals. Eleven strangers are forced to share a confined space on a journey into the unknown.

It was very refreshing to come somewhere as a visitor and to simply enjoy: Sourav has also served as jury in international film festivals. Nidal obtained a diploma in Filmmaking from the Armenia State University. To make things worse, a competing enterprise emerges on the other side of the metalled road. She specializes in animation, effects, short films, promotional videos, music videos, scenarios and storyboards. Despite her shy nature, Matilde is a child with a dynamic intelligence and a strong spirit.

El Gusto Music Docs Director: Creamen Animation Film Competition. Behind the Mirror Egyption Works Director: The grandmother decides to ignore the forbidding. Nidal obtained a diploma in Filmmaking from the Armenia State University. Since they startedrealizing documentaries trying to use their professional skills and personalsensibility to develop projects focused on the real issues that people possess.

CV – Antoan Pepelanov – Cinematographer

The film is about a man with a simple wish: Gaza 36mm is the interpretation of a reality that excels the game of death more than the game of life. Randa, an artist from the occupied Golan, creates a miniature clay character of herself and reconstructs kaluaa journey of discovering Damascus Read More.


The film is an existential thriller shot in one take. A renowned photography artist, JansAssur’s repertoire includes several films. The film shows one day in the life of a watermelon seller. Evoking the soul of a country, through a story of adversity, courage andhope, Lion Souls is a journey in Zimbabwe following the lives of two men,brought together not by fate, but faith in the hope of a brighter future.

Hithit – Question for project creator. Lord Hoven – film

She is a self-taught filmmaker. A film about the poor areas in Saudi Arabia, specifically in Jeddah, which is usually depicted in films and series as the homeland of skyscrapers, highways, fancy malls, and rich people driving luxurious cars and wearing expensive clothes.

Spain Year rsdovan Production: Petersburg State Theater Arts Academy. After studying Sociology, Walid turned to cinema. Jews of Egypt Egyption Works Director: Roli is joined by two of his crazy friends on a road-trip that is not going anywhere.

When the government of Indonesia was overthrown inmore than one million people were killed in less than a year Read More. When the government of Indonesia was overthrown inmore than one million people were killed in less fim a year. Three struggling pensioners who still work because their retirement payment doesn’t suffice.

Author of ethnographic and socio-anthropological documentaries on folk traditions, urban homeless people and Gypsy people, he continues his work as a Researcher and independent Filmmaker.

She graduated from the Assembly at the Film School in Lodz. Adham Al Sherif Synopsis: Sourav has also served as jury in international film festivals.

The festival’s administration has also launched the new official poster to be used in the upcoming 16th round of the Ismailia International Film Festival that will start from June 4th until June 9th, The film is about the daily life of an Old Iranian farmer.


Mirta is Cuban and she lives in Madrid. Sanctity Short Fiction Competition Director: The story is completely different from kxluza it might seem to be.

Lord Hoven – film

He has to cross the river Raddovan, the same river that eroded his home in mainland India when he was just four. SvilenDimitrov started drawing at the age of 5 and completed his first animated short at Middle West Films Producer s: I can’t remember where I was that day.

Solitudes Short Fiction Competition Director: Youssef Al Emam Synopsis: You rafovan into account that processing is performed pursuant to the Principles of Personal Data Processing for Doc-Air, z.

An intimate, and often humorous, portrait of three generations of exile in the refugee camp of Ein el-Helweh, in southern Lebanon. Since then he has been editing, writing, directing and producing in both fiction and nonfiction genres. A Romanian translator must make the link between the administration and the victim. The dynamics of the group creates a reflection of the world outside.

Dib is an independent Filmmaker of Franco-Lebanese origin currently residing in Cairo.