When Aarti was about to leave, Pratik stops her and requests her to join them. Watch latest “Punarvivaah” Episodes on http: After the ceremony, the families rejoice. Next morning, Shobha writes a letter to Aarti to apologize to her as well as convince her. Punar Vivaah – Episode 15 – Full Episode. They are surprised on learning that Aarti was Shobha and Satyendra’s daughter-in-law.

He explains that the woman who can separate from her own biological child will never be able to take care of her step-daughters. When Gayatri checks the ring, she begins to complain saying that the ring may not fit Aarti. However, Shobha points out that Ansh was living with a false hope that one day his father would come to meet him. He adds that he would also write letters to Yash. Before leaving, Yash’s father keeps Aarti’s photograph on the table but Yash does not look at it. Ansh tells Prashant that he wants to call his father. Aarti does not reply and leaves. Punar Vivaah – Episode 7 – Full Episode.

Shobha fears that Aarti would have rejected the proposal had Yash’s aunt taunted her, hadn’t she knew that they have told the Scindia family that Aarti was a widow and not a divorcee. Punarfivaham wasting time, Prateik informs Paridhi about their marriage.

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Meanwhile, Shobha tries to convince Aarti to get remarried epiosde the sake of her son Ansh. He believes that he would never be able to accept any other woman as his wife. Existing Premium Users, Click here to login. Eventually, Prashant punarvviaham in love with some other woman named, Neha and wished to marry her. Paridi too instigates Aarti and alleges that Yash had organized the party. He tells Shobha that he too wishes to get Aarti remarried but fears that the society will never accept their decision.


An excited Ansh naively asks Shobha what was his father’s name. She asks Aarti to think about the day Ansh would realize that she lied to him about his father.

A furious Aarti rejects Yash’s proposal as she does not want to separate from Ansh.

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He also takes her to Yash and asks her to enjoy along with him. After the woman you fell hopelessly in love with passes away, crushing your every romantic dream, can you muster the episoode to feel for another afresh?

She fears that Pratik too may become a hen Ansh is surprised when he sees Yash and informs Aarti about him. Playlists New playlist Your Playlist’s title.

Before leaving from the room, Gayatri 1666 that Yash’s father had decided that Arpita’s parents would conduct Aarti’s kanyadaan. Gayatri is unaware about Aarti’s past.

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Satyendra is about to reveal the truth to Aarti when Mansi arrives. He vows neither to share Arpita’s name nor belongings with Aarti. He informs Shobha that it was their custom to change the name of the brides.

Shobha gets shocked when Gayatri tells her the date.

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Aarti recollects the moments spent with her ex-husband Prashant and for a moment imagines him to be around her.


Shobha is about to tell Amma about it but Satyendra intervenes and agrees to give a thought to Yash’s proposal soon after they return home. Shobha decides to speak up for her rights. When Gayatri checks the ring, she begins to complain saying that the ring may not fit Aarti.

Shobha requests her to accompany her to a holy dargah.

They discuss how Yash’s late wife, Epislde always had a smiling face and also had better complexion than Aarti. He decides to talk to Aarti immediately in order to clear the confusion.

Meanwhile, Mr Shukla welcomes Vijay and his family. Last 7 days Last 7 days Last 30 days Last Year. It is revealed that the important guests whom Yash had asked Pratik to receive were none other than Arpita’s parents.

Shobha gets worried when she notices Aarti and therefore picks up the phone receiver. Aarti overhears their conversation and misunderstands them. Arpita’s mother states that Aarti does not want her to perform her kanyadaan. Aarti threatens to commit suicide, if Shobha and Satyendra tried to separate her from Ansh. Next day, Satyendra and Shobha take Aarti along with them to a mall to meet, Raghu.