Aarti states that she fulfilled all of Ansh’s demands. While leaving from the mall, Aarti receives Mansi’s call. She rips off Aarti and Prashant’s wedding card and requests Aarti to forget her past and start a new life with Yash. Aarti too takes Ansh to the gaming zone. When Yash cheers up, Pratik informs Yash about his bachelor’s party and requests him to attend it. She states that it would take some time for Aarti to forget her past and accept Yash.

Yash gets worried when his assistant informs him that there was some technical problem in the arrangement, which they had made for the jaymala. Vidhi offers food to her husband, Pankaj. He calls up the Dubey residence and expresses desire to meet Aarti immediately. Shobha, Satyendra, Aarti and Ansh travel in a train to the dargah. Before their marriage, Prashant had vowed to take care of Aarti and also to be with her throughout the life. He enquires with Shobha about his father to-be. Punar Vivaah – Episode 23 – Full Episode.

Pratik is left surprised when Punae praises Yash for paying the full payment of the commodities, which Pankaj had purchased from them. Punar Vivaah – Episode 25 – Full Episode.

Pankaj asks Pratik to return the stock and collect the advance payment paid to Satyendra. Palak and Payal share their apprehension with Yash.

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Later, Shobha arrives and calls them inside the house for the engagement ceremony. Punar Vivaah – Episode 10 – Desitvfroum Episode. Yash overhears their conversation. Ansh threatens to complain to his new father about Palak, while she threatens to complain about Ansh to her father.

She tells him that she would participate as Ansh does not have a father. She teases Aarti by stating that Yash would definitely get mesmerized with her beauty. When Yash cheers up, Pratik informs Yash about his episoce party and requests him to attend it. Punar Vivaah – Episode 4 – Full Episode. When Aarti and Ansh return home, they are surprised to see the gift boxes. During the event, Aarti and Ansh start off well but in vivahh middle of the race, Aarti trips over her dupatta and falls down.


Yash is a widower while Aarti is a divorcee.

Aarti again threatens to hit Pratik. Ansh greets Yash with a hi-fi. Aarti does not reply and leaves. Aarti states that she fulfilled all of Ansh’s demands. He adds that he would also write letters to Yash. Aarti gets furious and threatens to hit Pratik with a hockey stick. Aarti overhears their conversation and gets furious. He feared the insect may bite Aarti and so he tried to blow it off. Instead of pacifying Aarti, Mansi tells her that Yash is a flirt and asks her to accept the reality.

Pratik’s aunt overhears his conversation and gets furious. After the ceremony, the families rejoice.

The couple brings shagun for Pratik and Paridi’s wedding. Shobha and Satyendra are surprised when Aarti accepts Yash’s proposal. Gayatri informs her husband that she has told Satyendra that they would not accept Ansh. Instead of pacifying Aarti, Mansi tells her to accept Yash and states that all men were flirtatious by nature.

She warns Mansi not to create misunderstandings between Aarti and Yash. Yash’s father decides to hold Prateik and Paridhi’s wedding along with Yash and Aarti’s wedding. Shobha decides to speak up for her rights. Satyendra smartly handles the situation and tells Aarti that he accidentally brought the wrong box of sweets from the vendor.

Shobha is shocked when she hears her son Prashant at the other end. Unfortunately for Yash and Aarti, before they could leave, the police raid the caf.


Hindi Tv Serials: Punar Vivah Episode – 12th August Online HD Full Video

She asks Satyendra to propose marriage to the episodde groom, Raghu Dayal suggested by a certain acquaintance Mr. Aarti somehow manages to get up and complete the race but does not win. When they return home, Shobha and Satyendra apologize to Aarti.

He also takes her to Yash and asks her to enjoy along with him.

Mansi, however, compels Aarti to follow her. He tells Shobha that Prashant would neither realize his mistake nor would return home. Ansh tells Yash that he used to write letters to his earlier father too. He also asserts that he wants Yash vivahh accept the proposal. Mansi finds Aarti upset and tries to pacify her. Yash comes to drop Aarti home.

Punarvivah 23rd September Episode Watch Online video – Tv Episode

Yash decides to rush to the airport. When Aarti leaves, it starts thundering. After Vimla leaves, Mansi’s mother apologizes to Shobha on behalf of Vimla. After Shobha disconnects the call, Satyendra finds her perturbed and asks the reason. Shobha apologizes to the Scindia family on behalf of Aarti.

Satyendra too is shocked. Amma gets furious when Pratik receives a call from his fianc e. Meanwhile, someone calls up on Aarti’s landline number.