Like Jesus, Chris gives his life that she may live. The fact that he’s built himself a luxurious lakeside mansion is another representation of this. We don’t hear much about him in the novel. The bottles in the book are apparently the main characters of the novel. The first instance of this alienation in the novel is the way Sam deals with the problem of the Abazonian delegation. Chris uses the power of the written word and news stories, rather than attacking and murdering the President to get him out of office so things can change for the better in the country. As far as history is concerned the quest for good governance has been the bane of many nations in the world, especially those in Africa. Arguably, Emmanuel does all these not only to protect Chris but also to protect himself from the police.

Ikem is driven by compassion for Kangan’s underclass. It is sad to know that whoever coined such an inciting headline neither respects nor protects their former boss. It is also allegorical as power, the central theme of the novel is said to be naked. Chris however apologises to her when he discovers that she is crying. There is no doubt that his revelation will put more strain in the relationship between Major Sam and his boyhood friend, who is now his adulthood enemy. His reason you remember:

It is amazing to know that Ikem and Chris come to talking terms when Major Sam’s regime becomes a threat to their lives and that of the entire nation. In the frenzy orgy, a police officer tries to rape a girl and Chris tries to rescue her and in the process, he is shot dead by the drunk police officer.

Feb 04, Pages. The way Achebe tells the story in Anthills of the Savannah is also interesting. As far as history is concerned the quest for good governance has been the bane of many nations in the world, especially those in Africa.


His friends help him to form a kitchen cabinet in Kangan with the headquarters in Bassa.

Anthills of the Savannah Summary & Study Guide

Well, in my opinion, it could be both. Chris is too reluctant to bring himself to talking terms with his erstwhile friend. He does not only avoid public appearances but also speaks very little when he does go public. Because his of ingenious use of words in his columns, he became a popular figure in the country and his brilliancy made Chris nominate him for as a member of cabinet of Major Sam led junta.

There is a rumour that he is one of the smugglers with fifty companies and a bank. Arguably, not all savannau would be as courageous as Beatrice in a summayr of temptation and “opportunity” like this. Anthillz in the Bible, when King Saul saw David who once helped him to kill his enemy as his enemy, he began to devise means to kill him.

Beatrice has also received a British education whereas Elewa is a Kangan girl who has apparently never been abroad, the daughter of a market saleswoman. Chris, who does not see any tangible proof why his colleague should be suspended, refuses to sign the letter and threatens to resign from the cabinet.

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Anthills of the Savannah Summary & Study Guide

The Student Union leader who sees this dastardly act by the military junta as suicidal promises to run two thousand copies of the article to be distributed to the students. Agnes is an image of a typical African housewife. For instance, a breed of tue cat called Savannah Cat and Savannah Monitor medium sized specie of monitor lizard have been researched to be native to Africa.


Ikem’s assassination is a portrayal of numerous political assassinations which have trailed military regimes in Africa since independence. This is how Achebe defends his tue of language: After all, we could not have expected anything less.

Inspired by Your Browsing History. Compare Achebe’s portrayal of women in Anthills of the Savannah with his earlier novels. Anthjlls acts as a mediator between Ikem and Sam. This is another obvious case of taking a stand: As Chris and the other bus passengers make their way through the crowd, gathering bits of information, Chris sees Adamma being dragged off by a soldier to be raped.

Ikem explains that there was no need for parking lights since there are many electric lights in the premises. Amidst the heavy traffic, Ikem drives speedily to the Presidential Palace. After a few sexual bouts, Beatrice tells Chris how Major Sam made an attempt to rape her. Despite his position as editor of the Gazette, he wants to appear like just another Kangan worker.

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The fact that he’s built himself a luxurious lakeside mansion is another representation of this. Upon an enquiry, Chris discovers that a crowd of police officers on duty and civilians have stopped a truck loaded with beer and have gathered to celebrate atnhills sudden overthrow of the military government.