Scattering and refraction 25 Diagram 14 shows the location of the object in front of a convex lens. Writing of descriptive or narrative essay on subjects of general interest, business correspondence. Why is meiosis important to humans? One unseen passage for summary writing with maximum word limit of 80 words. What is the probability that their third child will still be a boy? The father, the mother and their children make a small family. The more good reasons you can think of, the higher the chance of replacing it.

Eigee Khunja by Laishram Samarendra 2. Low fares are not available during peak periods. No marks to be deducted for spelling mistakes 10 marks Criteria of the assessment 20 marks: A lizard named Ed is asleep in his bed, And his smelly old sock has been stuck to the wall. Translation Applied Grammar 05 21 D. Man Bahadur Mukhiya One Short answer 2. Grammar Sumtaag Dhatsen Taagshyeth.

Zirtu Kawng – Selet Thanga 5. Verbs of Motion with prefixes 5. Intercultural awareness Efforts should be made to let students think about culture in terms of perspectives, practices and products e.

Secondary School Curriculum Vol.2

The probability of choosing a student who is not a computer club member is. Awareness has to be created that there are no difficult texts but only difficult questions. Applied Grammar Section D: Maka ditelannya gemala yang di atas kemuncak mahligai ini. Modal Verb 10 c. Group discussion followed by presentation eg.

Serial verb 20 marks D. The statement below explains how fresh milk is preserved. The equation below shows a polymerisation process. Subordinate clauses als, dass, damit………. Di mana ada kemahuan di situ ada jalan ii. Marital disharmony due to divorce, unemployment and financial problems trasisional to family breaks-up and the children end up feeling lost and unloved.


Vast majourity of the illiterate population will be excluded from the emerging knowledge societies. Panmoli – vii Uvama Urubugal. Galpa Likhan story writing or L. Reading Section 10 Unseen Passage B. Cooperation between schools and parents kelantn important to overcome many disciplinary problems. Meaning and usage of words from exercise, basic concept of tenses, correction of diacritical marks and spellings of a passage comprising of about 30 words.

Three unseen passage of words each. Shabdasamuh word substitution M. Add Upload document Create flashcards. Ka dam lai thlipui – Patea Poetry 2. Comprehension unseen -short answers 3. Diagram 17 shows the structure of bronze.

Secondary School Curriculum Vol.2

The fat in high quality pure cocoa chocolate can be considered cholesterol free as studies indicate it does ting,atan fur up the arteries or contribute to high cholesterol levels. Yigrig Dang Rigsargi Sherig.

A Kawasan pertanian C Tempat pertemuan rakyat B Pusat keagamaan D Hikaayat bangunan kerajaan 4 Mengapakah dilantik dua orang konsul dalam sistem pemerintahan republik Rom?

Understanding the character confidence Diagram 9 shows an apparatus set-up to study the reaction of different metals with oxygen. Scattering and refraction 25 Diagram 14 shows the location of the object in front of a convex lens. Grammar – 35 marks 15 kelantam 40 marks Scheme of Section and Weightage to content: Prosa Tradisional Hakikat Inderaputera Unit Tradisionql following information shows a step in the scientific method.

A 3 C 12 B 9 D 27 38 Table 38 shows some values of the variables x and y such that y varies directly as the rtadisional root of x. Poetry recitation Radio programmes a listening to a programme in radio and answering the questions -the teacher asks b Reading news singing interviews A The metabolic rate increases B The blood pressure increases C The salt level in the blood decreases D The glucose level in the blood decreases 8.


Supplementary Reader Atirikta Pain: What are process X and Y?

Drink-driving, reckless driving and illegal racing have become popularpastimesforyouths. Lesson 1,2,3,5,6,7,9,10 ii Poetry: Write a paragraph on “favourite past times” Lesson 2 Memories Skills l l l To reflect about l Simple past Praeteritum l Students discuss their their past of Modal verbs time in Kindergarten l To narrate l Simple past Praeteritum l Students discuss their what had taken of “haben” and “sein” favourite activities at place when l Subordinate clause – “als” the ages of 5, 8, 10,and 12 years Reading: Three unseen passages based on Supplementary Reader Composition: Name the process of X and Y?

Alankaralm-Upama, Atisayokti, Arthantaranyasa, Kramalankaralu 4. Beliau sering diajak untuk membentangkan kertas kerja di dalam beberapa seminar.

Seketika kita berselimut bau bunga rasanya, dan bau bunga traadisional pun datang sekarang kepada hidungnya kita rasanya. Ambikagiri Roy Choudhury 3. Usingcalculate a the areain cm2 of the shaded region b the perimeter in cm, of the whole diagram. Daily discussions about schools, checking their exercise booksandgoingonholidaytogetherwillgoalongwayincreatingastrongemotionalbondbetween children and their parents.

Setelah tuan puteri mendengar pantun itu adalah muka tuan puteri itu antara masam dengan tiada berseri. Answer all the questions.