Ante, evari individual opinion valladhi lendi, mee point of view lo nacchi undocchu. Upset with it, I had almost quit the exams, when I got an opportunity to appear on this show Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu. OK Cancel Login to make your opinion count. Maryada ga maataladatam kuda thelsu aayanaki When he found that he did not have a confident answer, he opted to get down from the hot seat. Great Entha popular aipedo okka show tho..

In its 28th episode aired on Tuesday night, he was seen failed to answer a question that was worth of Rs 25 lakhs. TRP kosam esado endukesado reason evadiki kavali Mimmalni aacharya ani janam pilavali ani enduku anandantav.. Dentlo thappu em ledhu anchor kabbati. Ikkada chaala mandhi frnds and collegues kuda discuss chesaru ithani gurinchi Peri Umakanth is married and has two children – son and daughter.

Umakanth said, “I was very nervous to sit in the hot seat, but Nagarjuna sir made me comfortable with his friend gestures. Ikkada chaala mandhi frnds and collegues kuda discuss chesaru ithani gurinchi Talking to the host he said, “I want to win Rs 50 lakhs on the show so that I can take my paralised father to the USA for the treatment.

Comedy kosam chesadu ante, act chesaduannatu Nag Seriously What about the Umakanth, advice chesina pattinchukokunda answer cheyadam, Last ki nag ki tikka lepadam OA laaga unnay konni, though umakantha behaviour kuda kastha over undhi, Nag question cheppe lopu options lekunda answer cheydam, bit sounds off! Originally Posted by Vamsy Civils prepare ayyevaallandariki easy ayina kuda manaki entha mandhi thelsu Nag elanti persons chusi untadu, Show kosam act chesadu anukovachu.


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It takes a second perri criticize a person but it needs a really big heart to appreciate his knowledge!! Maryada ga maataladatam kuda thelsu aayanaki Appreciation is ok, but ee range lo dabba baaledhu!

Overwhelmed by his knowledge, the actor-turned-host described him a Wikipedia. Micheal Jackson, Prabhudeva kante goppa dancers unnaru ani veellani antha appreciate cheyyalsina avasaram ledu anukunte em cheyyalem Umakanth episoe, “I have appeared several competitive exams conducted by Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission, but failed to get through them in the last rounds.

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Oka school teacher ki ee range knowledge unte evarina appreciate chestaru. Interview sagam chusevarake, dabba sudaleka aapesa! Please enable JavaScript in your browser settings.

He still keeps going over board and answering questions even though advice by nag was not cared by him. Enter your video clip URL below: Entire his life lo okkarini chusi undada, Ilanti vallani Human emotions and emotional responses do exist Clear ga show kosam chesadu though nothing wrong in it.

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Password Forgot your password? Harsha vardhan athani skills upayoginchi ee interview ni inko level ku teesukopoyadu. Looks like something else! Previous Topic Next Topic.


He enjoys playing chess with his family members. Anything shud be umakwnth, Over ga chesthene reel vesinattu untadhi. Usually ga manaki Naake thelsu ani ahamkaaram tho virraveege vaallu kanipisthuntaru When he found that he did not have a confident answer, he opted to get down from the hot seat. He was to answer a science-related question, which cost him Rs 25 lakhs.

Log me in automatically on each visit. Last ki nag ke visugu vachindhi Isn’t these true? Thamanna kuda mast chesindhi Umakanth was all thrilled over the call from Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu. As seen on the show, Peri Umakanth has immense knowledge about all spheres of life except movies. Originally Posted by Bharat who is he? Andhariki human emotions lev ante ela! IAS clear cheyyakapovadaniki chaala reasons vuntaay. Comedy kosam chesadu ante, act chesaduannatu Nag.

Manam rare ga tv lo chusam ga wow factor anthe. I have been preparing for the exams for the last few years. Nag elanti persons ni chusi untadu ani nuvvu ela cheppagalav??