When Cheng and his friends try to interfere, Han defeats each of them in close combat, showing himself to be a kung fu master. Dre tries to pass by without them seeing him. Nah, berikut ini foto-foto Han Wenwen yang dirangkum brilio. Audible Download Audio Books. Dre struggles to get up, and attempts the reflection technique to manipulate Cheng into changing his attack stance. China Film Group Tao Jiang On November 10, , Variety reported that work on a Karate Kid remake had begun.

Zhenwei Wang as Cheng oh he is so cute, right? Somber, self-contained and somehow believable as a kid for whom things don’t come easily, he never conveys the sense that he’s desperate to be liked. The music video was released on May 31, China [1] Hong Kong [1] United States [1]. Retrieved July 22, Woman from Detroit uncredited Bill Mackie When Han declines, Li says they will not be allowed to leave his school unless Dre or Han fights. After days of this, Dre refuses to continue until Han demonstrates that the repetitive arm movements were Han’s method of teaching Dre martial arts techniques, which Dre displays instinctively when prompted by Han’s mock attacks.

Zoic Studios Joe Lewis Welcome to our Community Page, a place where you can create and share your content with dwlam of the world. Han, comes to Dre’s aid. Retrieved January 16, Jaden Smith Jiang Tang Han and Dre. Retrieved from ” https: Menfond Pak Sheun Yuen Views Read Edit View history.

The Karate Kid () – Full Cast & Crew – IMDb

Although Liang is disqualified for his illegal strikes and insubordination, Dre is badly injured. Gara-gara tersedak sandwich balita ini alami kerusakan otak permanen. Dre gets up with full confidence and uses the snake stance used by the woman at the temple.


Dre tries to pass by without them seeing him. It stars Jaden SmithTaraji P.

Download gratis aplikasi mobile Brilio: Dude from Detroit Geliang Liang Po Harry Van Gorkum Meiying’s Mom Zhenwei Wang On November 10,Variety reported that work on a Karate Kid remake had begun. He teaches this by having Dre perform repetitive motions using his jacket, which teaches Dre real muscle memory moves.

Han Chana kung fu master who teaches him the secrets of self-defense. Han fixes the car every year but smashes it to remind himself of what happened; this inspires Dre to train harder to help his teacher get past the incident.

Mat 4 Referee Shun Pemeeran Madaya Mom, superhero terbaru Marvel dari Suriah. Meiying’s Dad Zhiheng Wang The Karate Kid merupakan salah satu film yang diidolan banyak anak-anak pada masanya. Edit The Karate Kid China [1] Hong Kong [1] United States [1].

Han promises to teach Dre “real” kung fu. Retrieved on November 10, Jaden Smith Changming Gao Wolf Yen San Michelle Lo As the match continues, Liang seizes Dre’s leg and delivers a crippling blow, after which he is automatically disqualified.

Han and Sherry Parker respectively. Top 10 Movies of The United Kingdom premiere was held July Zoic Studios Mandy Arnold Banyak pilot ‘pensiun’ di masa depan, posisinya diganti robot, waduh!

Cheng and the others catch Dre and beat him.


Ini kabar Mei Ying ‘kekasih’ Dre Parker di Karate Kid, masih ingat?

Master Li Zhensu Wu Bao Rest of cast listed alphabetically: The film was released on June 11,by Columbia Pictures to 3, theaters across the United States. Cheng does the same by violently finishing off his opponents. The move is successful, and Cheng changes his technique and Charges at Dre, who does a flip and catches Cheng in mid-air with a kick to his head, winning the tournament along with the respect of Cheng and his classmates.

Artis cantik ini tak lagi berkiprah di panggung seni peran Hollywood. Cheng charges Dre, but Dre flips and catches Cheng with a kick to his head, winning the tournament along with the respect of Cheng and his classmates.

This page was last edited on 24 Februaryat City of Bones The 12th Man The music video was released on May 22, Retrieved June 12, Retrieved on August 27, Dre persuades Meiying to cut school for a day of fun, but she is nearly late for a violin audition that was pushed up a day without her knowledge.

Retrieved June 6, Han in respect, accepting him as their new master, leaving Li heartbroken. Selebritis Wow Duh Creator More. Ping Pong Man Ming Xu