So when Lama Tsongkhapa holds a dharma book, it represents what? Your story always brings tears to my eyes because your devotion is so great! Thank you Rinpoche for giving us the teaching of Tsongkhapa iconography. He is definitely a holy Enlightened Being. Must watch this video and realize we are all one. Then my students and myself offered mantras, relics, jewels and brocades on this beautiful image as per tradition. So, what is it? If Lama Tsongkhapa is your main Buddha, many part of the mind will be converted.

On top of that is a sword. We were told by Uncle Wong he is very faithful toward Dorje Shugden. Without these qualities, we will not be able to receive the practice. Nothing comes easy, we have to work hard for it. The ancient and magnificent gigantic Maitreya Buddha of Xumishan Grottoes- https: Then my students and myself offered mantras, relics, jewels and brocades on this beautiful image as per tradition. So let us suffer for others and then suffering has meaning. Even His hat, etc, everything was developed by Lama Tsongkhapa.

Therefore in Tibetan tradition, the best purpose of a Lama is to teach. So the secret is changing the views. So therefore, Lama Tsongkhapa shows that.

So when Lama Tsongkhapa holds a dharma book, it represents what? We called it yid bzhin nor bu.


This is how Tibetans show homage and gyandy respect to a holy image. Your knowledge will increase, your wisdom will increase, your memory will increase, your ability to speak will increase, your words will increase, the power of your speech will increase, conversation will increase, writing, science, learning, arts, drawing, music.

TRANSCRIPT: TSONGKHAPA explained | Tsem Rinpoche

They take wood blocks, they have to take certain types of wood, straighten it out, make it very smooth, turn it around and commission a person to carve each word. Feel calm and blessed.

Hang yourself with your headscarf, says anonymous note to Muslim schoolteacher after Trump’s win. What an ego trip! Thanks Rimpoche and God bless you.


Beautiful poems by Rinpoche. Yee Yin Tuesday, Feb Super cute seal and so gentle. Lama Yeshe was a brilliant teacher and I wanted to share this with everyone so his teachings can reach more people.

gysndu US President-elect Donald Trump will keep his vow to deport millions of undocumented migrants from the US, he said in an interview to be broadcast on Sunday. Do not flood the chat room, or post without interacting with others. Yong Ern made this art piece creatively and happily. It is purely collection of merit and purification. Tsongkhapa Explained by Tsem Rinpoche 1 of 2. Manjushri mantra during walks While we are walking for health, relaxation or spirituality ie.


Icon of Peace flim Courage Mahasiddha Naropa: Time, everything is wasted. He told me himself. The Oracle has to go through a series of strict training from a qualified lama and also has to go into extensive retreats before they can take trance of the deity.

Mudra means hand gesture. I must thank my dharma blog team who are great assets to me, Kechara and growth of dharma in this wonderful region.

Many visitors in Kechara Forest Retreat! A Stunning Chenrezig Thangka S. A must watch- https: So the most important part of a Lama is to teach, most important. As such in this video, Kyabje Zong Rinpoche shares with us the history and reincarnation lineage of Dorje Shugden to explain how great this Dharma protector is through the examples of his previous lives, showing us his powerful spiritual attainments.

President, Tsem Rinpoche Foundation, Inc. But then again, the unknown is sometimes worse than the known.