I whant a rabotick dog. My fravrit culer is pink and perpl. This would be important to me because I would not like to argue with my sisters. Do not stay away, get involved in saving the world with Power Rangers and their hidden powers. Can you say hi to Commit for me? Then I wunt China coins. Im in 1st grade.

My brother would like to have all of the Bionicle books and I would like a Game boy. I realy like your raindeers. What I want for Christmas is a doll. I hope I will et Crash Twinsanity because I played it before. Love, Daniel I work hard and how do the reindeer fly? I play with it every wear.

From, Ian Crofood Is it fun to fly? I also wish my brother will be nice to me. Do you like being santa?

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Don’t be scared if he meows. What doy ou want for Christmas. I was a good little girl this year. My name is Brett Wright. That would change me because I wouldn’t be a normal kid.


Dino Charge Dino Duels. I wont all of the jlools. Santa doy ou have eney children? I like it a lot.

Love, Madeline Do the reindeer really fly? Your friend, Collin I love how hard your elves work to make the toys you give all the wonderful boys and girls. I am a first grader. Is it cold in the north pole.

I really Enjoyed them. Santa I hope you have a merry Cristmas. This is why I pawrr have super powers so I could protect the world. I will appreciate it if you give me a ATV. I am at first grade. I want a tree hose bulding wood set for my back yard. Take care of your raindeer.

Power Rangers Games Online

How do your reindeer fly? Did you know I was sick on Christmas Eve last year? The adventure continues far from movie series that you know, so you are called to be part of it along with your loved characters. Are the elfs good toy makers. I want to know how the randears can fly? Rudolph is my favorite reindeer! Thank you for giving me an American girl doll.


And how moie elves do you have? Dus Roodof hellp you cee at nit. I play it a lot. Santa you should eat some of the cookeis and milk.

I also like the crans. Thank you for my game boy and game boy games.

I love Christmas because it is my birthday. Does the North Pole have lots of snow? Does Rudolph really fly? I hope you have a good Christmas!