Thandamma comes to receive the holy blessing can I behave in that manner? He is in the next room. It was kept inside this one! What’s your job here? Are you telling the account of expenses? What does it mean? Father, what I did is it a big mistake? Yes No Report this.

But I have told. So is all the packing over? You guys decide the date. Is it honey moon trip? Put the shoes after wards. Will tell this to the bride. But still this fellow did this to me..

You tell where did that children go?

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Your girl customarily your bride don’t you remember? She has got no particular choice suntitles us to decide. Did you have anything what had happened to you? No one leave me, I’m going to sleep.

Father what are you saying? With a climax so predictable, Pattom Pole is a cute watch for couples.

What was there between us was merely an ego! A good girl will definitely come as a daughter in law for mother. So that means what we have done so far is futile! That Karthik is not a good guy! Had several things to say. The subtitlees belongs to this obstinate lady. Come home have food and then do the work is it not? Let’s get over the fact that Dulquer Salmaan did do this seemingly feeble project after his parade of hitmakers.


What nonsense are they saying Sutitles Mathews is a gentle man. Super young man father is very happy! Is it for this they laughed? So that is it, never saw a person who is lying here is it not?

Can’t let out the breath! You calculate and keep what ever that was spend for me.

If he takes one grub from me only then my stomach will be full. At Kumbakonam there was a subbtitles where we always used to meet. What is it girl? Sir surely I will manage. Do you know how scared we all got? Karthi, Narayanan you come here. This sister is movoe if I were there, I will take up that job Let them be little romantic! It’s better than that is it not? You agreed on the marriage with the Jenson out of obstinacy towards me.

Must go home now and play two rounds of Caroms. Uncle there is lift.


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So I asked shall we elope? At Calcutta fish means ‘flower of the water’ Anyway that’s great I thought ploe The stone being rolled by you will fall on yourself.

Do you know who my father is? Here, there is some other booking.

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Did you take it? Share your knowledge on Readable. Might have happened something to mother isn’t it? What to do next? Mind fu,l brooding over something. Why can’t he stay in the ground floor is it not? Hey you give my phone back. Father, what I did is it a big mistake? Humor is present largely.

Why dear without taking food simply staring at her? If my marriage is fixed, it will be Riya ptatam will be informed first. Thinking on that after the mass, when