Now, they are very happy. Ok mom, I will be careful. Son in law, is baby fine? Grandma, at least you say to grandpa please. Sandhya, my class mate and my best friend. Ok, that beauty will enter in your life in your favourite blue dress and close down your bad time.

We will give some break if there are any running programs sir. Even the astrology is the same. Audible Download Audio Books. He got a seat in a better University than me. Only the love story is left now. Sing for just this one time.

Look, what do they want there? Second is that you should come and join in our business. Idiot, look into your work.

You know, not knowing where to go and what to do, paathehala all went to the houses of all of us. You know what, he is my best friend. Sorry could not make it for lunch. I will do as said by aunt for now, though I do not like.

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It is very nearby from here. You were not home even that day. I cannot even recommend and thus no girl is looking at you. Words are not enough to express that.


Though I wanted to choose music as career, I do not know whether I would be successful or not.

Edit Cast Credited cast: I have a great wish to dance like this on the stage father. Do something and stop for another one week mom. Arrange the luggage, we need to start this night itself.

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Sandhya, give the keys. Fresh up or anything else, only after seeing Madhu. Hey, see if you want, after crossing us, she would turn back and see. What brother, will the investment in the fish pond be back at least this time? Salma that is what I always do. What buddy, have you not informed at home? He got MS in a good University and you know something?

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This is the right of us girls. We all have the same pain. Idiot, you will have an expert opinion on all matters other than your work, right?


You are always like this. How long more ennglish Oh yes, I know. Hey, our junior Deepika dude. Yes, I forgot to tell you. And it is awarded to student of the year, Suryanarayana Reddy. Should we travel Kilometres more? I did not say as you would be upset, if I said it before.

Now, though I have the courage mogie say there is no chance for that. This is the last chance for all our friends to be together.

Fulo they do not know this. Salma, tell what that love story is. Do you know what we really remember? Cyrus Hansotia Sanatan Mody My father will not agree if I say. Bro, shall I tell you one thing? Nothing is working out these days sir. First condition is that you should finish your MS first.