Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. This chapter finally has Link obtaining the L-2 Sword and Shield, as well as gathering the final jewel needed to access the yet unexplored north-western region of Holodrum containing the Tarm Ruins and Lost Woods. The south room is a “trap”: Follow it left one screen, then continue down one more screen to 1F-C2. Unfortunately, this is all just a sadistic, little trap. Equip the Magnetic Gloves to pull Link across the first row of pits against the pole on the right, then head right one screen. Swipe the seeds down from the tree, securing this spot as a warp point, then head back right one screen to the stump. The room next to the map chest to the west leads to another dead end for the time being.

He will give Link a hint about directions needed to take in the Lost Woods. The coldest season is winter. Follow the only possible path. This old man is hard to find, but he will give you what you seek. Walk up the steps and over to the left side of the room, then use the Magnetic Gloves to pull the ball towards Link. Dragon Roost Island 5. Fall down the pits at the upper-right corner of the room to fall to 2F-C2 for a brief moment.

From there, continue across the platforms and over to the right side of the room, then harm right one screen to 1F-A5. In Search of the Sky Trave back to Horon Village, and enter the shop. The Snake Level 5: Defeat all of the Ropes in here and push the lone block oraclw the lower-right as before, then head through the unlocked door right one screen to 1F-C3. This screen is the start of a maze known as the Lost Woods.

Tarm Ruins and Lost Woods. Be careful not to fall off the ledge with red tiles and follow the path to reach a chest. Walk up and step onto the platform oeacle it will turn clockwise, facing Link down the rightmost path.


In other languages Deutsch. He will give Link a hint about directions needed to take in the Lost Woods.

Tarm Ruins

Vah Ruta Dungeon 6. Open the chest and claim a keythen backtrack to the rotatory. That should be a clue. Many Subrosian are talking about special minerals that can be obtained at the forge. Manhandla will often shoot fireballs towards Link and move about the room, increasing in speed with each head it loses.

After going north, head east twice more to arrive just outside the Dancing Dragon Dungeon. Continue down two screens and burn down the lone shrub growing here to discover a stairwell. Oracle of Seasons Table of Contents Walkthrough. Isle of Songs 9. Hop on it, and change the season to spring. Gnarled Root Dungeon 2. The directions are in the game: Climb back up the vines you descended, head right one screen and descend the vines here one screen down.

Hop on the stump and change the season to Autumn, then swim across the pond and head right one screen.

Defeat all the Ropes in this room and push the block in the lower-right any direction to unlock the door on the rightmost wall. Continue left another screen and change the season to Summer, then head left one last screen. Walk up the steps and up one screen back to the rotating platform, room 1F-B3.

Tarm Ruins – Zelda Wiki

Unlock the door at the top of this room and head through to 3F-A2, where Link will face the mini-boss of this dungeon. Change the season to Spring and go right one screen, then change to Summer and head up one screen.

Circle around and head up one screen via the rightmost path at the top back to 1F-C1, this time on the right side with moving green platforms and unlit torches. The Snow Realm 5. A Link to the Past. Continue left two screens and up one more, then hop across the pits and head left one and down one more screen into the Subrosian Wilds.


Open the chest for a keythen use the trampoline to get back up. A Gale Tree can also be found here, as well as a Fairy Fountain behind a bombable wall. Head up the staircase to the second floor, this time in the blocked-off upper-right section of 2F-C1. There is a tree stump in the center of the Lost Woods.

Temple of Droplets 5. Inside The Deku Tree 2.

Then enter the portal into Subrosia. Back in Horon Village, simply head northwest to arrive at the Horon shop. Use the magnet glove to move the iron sphere on the button, then climb up the new stairs. Open the chest on the left side of this room to obtain 10 Bombs.

From here head south.

fuins Once you reach the right side of the room, step on the switch in the upper-right corner to open the door at the bottom. Inside this cave, use your shield to deflect seeds shot by the Deku Scrub back at him. The first of the gems is extremely close. Once you do so, head right one screen to 1F-B4. Dragon Roost Island 5. This is actually the final part of the trading sequence.

There stands the Tarm Ruins wall, designed to keep all out save those that have the jewels. Upstairs, use the magnet glove to defeat the Hardhat turtles and thus open the door. Lost WoodsAncient Ruins. Walk down the steps here and head straight up to the upper-right corner of this room to access a chest containing 10 Rupees.