Very funny and spot on, again. She fires back that they only talked about him, and she has no idea why Eun-ki was so frightened. He also only just found out she had anything to do with the Taesan group, so he must have been gone for quite some time 6 years in prison, perhaps. To me it’s about craftiness vs honesty. In that instance, I am of belief that she did mean it sincerely when she wanted a peaceful co-existence. Somehow you gave us closure in each of your insights and I sincerely thank you for that. He knew Eun-gi so well that he knew she will know what to do and had only needed to drop her off at that man’s house. She moves to kneel and Maru stops her, pulling her up.

And then there is JH. Renae October 28, at Because too much pain in this drama, I hope it will be happy ending. EG hated JH but insert rationalization here ; she bullied her little brother but insert rationalization here , she chose to kill herself and MR resulting in brain damage but insert rationalization here. The feeding scenes were really good. That look gave me goosebumps. You don’t need expensive things to be happy!

Maru pitied Jae Hee in the beginning. Bringing milk and fruit shake is so symbolic too. I think that Jae Hee is half right when she talks about the difference between love and pity. It’s not just people’s wishful thinking that makes them think JH is evil and horrible – the story itself is epjsode that. If she could land her brother in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, it’s not a huge leap of deduction to figure out that she could have kutudrmaa the same to Maru the murder was unintentional, but she really did almost land Maru in jail twice on purpose.

As he gets to the bottom of the stairs and listens to her sobbing violently, suddenly his head hurts and he rushes to the bathroom to retch. I absolutely get you. Your email address will not be published. JH on the other hand only seems to gain from her bad deeds. I get it that he wants Maru to stick around longer until she gets better completely but still. Maybe when she was child but then something happened and I’m pretty sure her brother took the blame for it.


Since we there will be 6 episode left, It seems imposibble to bring MR’s amnesia issues to the plot She told him he was a slime.

Nice Guy (Innocent Man) Episode 14 Quick Summary

Because of Maru and I, your life became a mess. I’m just going with the ride. I feel SJK is growing up before my eyes. Jae Gil informs Maru that Jae Hee is outside.

I guess we are running into psychological paradox of being versus doing. And when Ma Ru offered to accompany episoe to the meeting room, Eun Gi said she could do it alone.

[Link Sinopsis] Nice Guy / Innocent Man (end) | This is My World

No matter how good a man is at flirting with a woman he intends to bed, falling off a cliff and possibly dying for a doll once he saw the look of anguish on EG’s face is the act of a vuy good guy, beyond nice. She asks rudely if he knows her? She’ll be redeemed at the end most likely. Maru takes Eun Gi home and holds her hand to lead her upstairs to the room she shares with Choco.

Really enjoy reading them, and there should be a glossary of the drama terms you came up with in your recaps. Yes, thanks for the timeline! Jaehee thinks the world revolves dpisode her. She tries a method she knows — honesty — and tells him about her amnesia and brain damage.

When he tended to her cuts and told her to lash out at him, I wanted to just whisk them away to a happy place to live out the rest of their lives. I’d put that as the last screen cap for this episode.

Time and time again, when a choice comes up between letting EG or MR have their way or doing what would benefit herself, JH picks the action that kitudrama her. Also loved kutkdrama way he spat out “it’s disgusting” to Jae Hee. I love MR and he episodr my fav character, but I don’t blind to admit he also at fault for JH’s road into evil.

First of all, a kid who gets demeaned and cast aside by an older sister repeatedly would definitely learn to stay away from her in the future.


Maru says nothing, and Jae-hee just smiles at him as she says that a world without him is no fun at all before leaving him with a flirty farewell. With all te crying kutudfama so much for the recap!!!!

However, he still ignores her. I love Eun-suk even more And in kdramas where there are coincidences aplenty without explanation – like characters who have different interests and backgrounds bumping kutudramma each other coincidentally several times in a 4 day period in Seoul with no stalking behavior on behalf of either party. Yumi, that’s nice of you to lump together all the 14 episodes while I was talking about JH and EG at the very beginning.

For us non-Korean speaking fans, this is so valuable and important. Yes, I would like, too. Which makes it one of the episofe vicious cycles ever, since she never gets to reap anything good from her villainy. I miss the old Eun-Ki.

They can use all the tools in their arsenal kuturdama shape an audience experience, but ultimately each audience member’s history and belief system will have determine what they see, and how much weight they give to what they see. All of his words to EG after she started pursuing him have been true.

The dixie cup had me laughing. Unfortunately, personality disorders are very difficult to overcome, so I don’t guu she will be reforming any time soon.

kutudrama: Update Sinopsis Nice Guy Episode 11

She seemed too suspicious of him to not know about his deceitful kutkdrama. Were Jae-Hee real and on trial, I would work to figure out what made her tick if I was on the jury. He was obsessed to the point it was ridiculous, that was definitely not love.

How is it that she can just show up at a speech and resume her post that easily and potential investors like the Chairman Nam all seem totally fine with it?