Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Episodes by odilettante. And the comments here…. They think that the couple is too young to marry. She’s the one who used to work with her husband and had quite the dramatic scandal regarding his death. Despite her humble background, she carries herself with pride and grace, majoring in classical dance during college. Sung Hoon will appear in an upcomig issue of Singles; he also took front cover of a big newspaper a few months ago – a scene at the swimming pool showing his nice physique.

Best High School Dramas. I have a feeling she’ll be back but she’s going to come back in the most dramatic way possible. They go to a nice restaurant because he wants to talk to her again about getting married. She kinda rubs me the wrong way, sorta like how Bichwi kinda annoyed me, when the whole world loved her. And not to forget, as soon as SohnJa’s grandmother died, she started planning on having SohnJa let them stay at his apartment – which he did later. I can’t believe this is really happened. Saran’s adoptive father and step-mother the latter is so annoying 3. This is so ridiculous and hilarious and entertaining!

New Tales of Gisaeng Review: Episode 52 Final

And one night, he goes out with his friends txles dinner. Not sure if it’s true though. I remember that story, I thought it was hilarious. During the ceremony the baby is given a choice of things to grab and whatever they grab is supposed to suggest what they will become in the future — a ball suggests a sportsman, etc.


Is it nok I should be emberest, I actually enjoyd the ginseang story?? Ra Ra’s real parents 4.

Both women are infuriated to see the other and refuse to accept the other as an in-law! On her birthday Kyle takes her out for an expensive dinner and gives her a present too.

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Maybe it’s her way of coping with it? Da Mo feels sorry for Dr. Noh and Ma Dan Sae are gradually getting closer. She asks him to be her friend and look after her at the house. But I do agree that he and Sa Ran have great chemistry together.

May 3, 52 of 52 episodes seen.

Son Ja and Gong Joo oddly decide to get married. They are surprised to hear that is was Ms. Accordingly, reecap have tuned in.

They meet for coffee and Ms. More power and keep up the good work. He confesses about the state of his marriage.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Thanks, thundie……just love reading you. Does this post sounds like a love declaration or what??? I tsles thinking the same thing!

Han who cooks for Sa Ran. Averic April 23, at 3: Because she named the character Ah Soo Ra and it is explained to us that because of that name, he’s easily possessed by ghosts. After she leaves the house, Ra Ra begins to spend more time with Kyle. Makjang usually is a must especially for dailies or weekend drama.


The actress tells Da Mo that it seems as though no one is looking for Sa Ran. I was traumatized by the ending of Assorted Gem somehow.

New Tales of Gisaeng Review: Sa Ran and Da Mo – dramasROK

Sung Hoon will appear in an upcomig issue of Singles; he also took front cover of a big newspaper a few months ago – a scene at the swimming pool showing his nice physique.

Couldn’t agree with you more. I haven’t seen her in any works ever since This series explores the premise that gisaeng still existed in modern-day Korea.

However, she does give him a birthday present that she made — a cushion with his name on it. Things become a little easier for Ra Ra now as Kyle looks after her, talking to her and bringing her drinks. I feel sorry for the lousy cards that life has dealt to some of them; I hope for missing family members to be speedily restored so that everyone sleeps well and stops waking up at two in the early morning, their faces awash with anxiety.

I blame one person and him alone for my madness quandary.