Regardless of all these crimes the world community in general , the main donors of aid US, UK, concerned International Organizations UN, EU, etc in particular gave a deaf ear and a blind eye to the current genocide going on in Oromia on the Oromo intellectuals, young University students and the people at large. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This junta killed almost a generation of intellectuals and students during the 17 years of communist rule. This regime has the character combination of all these. This group was a Hutu para military organization, and enjoyed the backing of the Hutu-led government leading up to , during, and after the Rwandan Genocide Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. HelloSpy lets you track all the WhatsApp conversations messages that take place through the target phone: Among these students there are significant number of girls.

In a year known for the Occupy movement and what became known as the Arab Spring, our lexicographers chose bluster as their Word of the Year for. The list goes on and on. Here is how to fix the issue with the. It was only Amharic the language of the colonizer elite. After consolidating power they started harassing, intimidating, detaining, torturing, and killing the cadres and members of the other parties in the coalition. He kept his secret pretending as if he accepted the instruction went to his home.

Specially if their names or parents names indicate those persons were Oromo they never be given an opportunity zmharic employment or given an inferior job. Everyday a dead body of our young generation is thrown out from the killing centers Auschwitz.

Therefore Oromo never find himself in any of the social interaction even in the country side where they are the great majority. In early s Ethiopian Prime minister Mr. Since no power, no community, no international body except human right ahariccondemns these crimes it never stopped, rather it continued with a great momentum.

Not only joining he became the leader of the association soon. Even mentioning them was a crime punishable by death. It has a fanbase of over 1 billion. Those who succeeded to arrive to their targeted destination were again followed up, kidnapped, taken back to Ethiopia tortured and killed in detention camps by TPLF killing squad.


They blown a grenade in a cinema hall in the capital and arrested them. The genocide they are committing on the Oromo people today is similar to what the Interahamwe did in Rwanda on April too. Was that policy tjgil from what Boko Haram is doing today in Naigeria?

There were killings and tortures through out Oromia that parallels with what the Nazis master race did to the Jews, the Poles, Slavic people etc, during the Holocaust a program of systematic state-sponsored murder by the Nazi Germany, led by Adolf Hitler and Nazi party through out the German Reich and German Occupied territories.

It was only Amharic the language of the colonizer elite. All police stations and kebels changed to detention and torture camps.

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Here is how to fix the issue with the. After consolidating power the military junta became sensitive to any opposition and started killing ammharic intellectuals and students indiscriminately and made clear the hatred it had for educated people. It made killing sound like a responsibility.

Facebooks top 10 hidden features or follow movise peoples Check your Other messages. Because the emperor was a strategic ally to this countries. This fascist group who took power by the mere force of the gun and stick to power for the last quarter paet a century with the same force behaving in 19th century fashion in 21st century killing bare-handed demonstrators with live ammunition, detaining and torturing the rest on completely trumped-up pretext continued in intensified manner.

How to clear the scanner memory on a Ricoh Aficio MP series multifunction copier. They promised to establish democratically elected government too. Gartner expected the whole mobile phone market to “reach two billion units in “, including Android. John Kerry was in Finfinnee Addis Ababa praising the building erected by the corrupted TPLF generals and other authorities in the capital with looted money from the poor peoples of mvoies country as development.

The then minister of education a certain tsehafi tizaz found this name among the list of scholar ship students.

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I want to show you the true nature of the system with example. The nation shades its tears and buries its dead every day for the last 50 days.


This nersa was to disclose the greatest secret of the empire to this honest General and give him an appropriate instruction and advice. They failed to carry on their responsibility.

Netsa Tigil

All this are educated and students of Oromo nationals including women, men, young and old. Androids variant of the Linux kernel has further architectural changes that are implemented by Google outside the typical Linux kernel development cycle, such as the inclusion of components like device trees, ashmem, ION, and different out of memory OOM handling.

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The difference between TPLF and the Nazis is the difference of number of people they killed. We know this 21st century fascist dictator overtly an ally of the US government on anti terrorism war on Alshabab and a messenger to do what ever the White House ordered it to do as far as a pocket money is paid to it.

For how long shall we continue like this? The purpose of the invitation was not simply to make him enjoy the dinner or the whiskey served after the dinner. That is what we are witnessing now. How to read others people inbox sms messages?

They killed the Tutsis indiscriminately because they were Tutsis. Regardless of all these crimes the world amjaric in generalthe main donors of aid US, Tugil, concerned International Organizations UN, EU, etc in particular gave a deaf ear and a blind eye to the current genocide going on in Oromia on the Oromo intellectuals, young University students and the people at large. History will never forget that. Is this not very comfortable establishing a system where no body nags your children, grand children, and great grand children….

The student changed his name over night and was granted the scholar ship.