It looks like Gen 7 is retiring. I’m personally not too fond of Serebii’s format, and I also wanted for people to be able to discuss the upcoming events and request the files. In the games, it uses Echoed Voice , taking the form of orbs that bounce around the stage and reflect off of terrain. Edited July 15, by Nigoli. Please remember to follow the manual of style and code of conduct at all times. Noteworthy , Feb 13, A majority of the final stage evolution pokemon are a smogon set.

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. All dates are written in American format. If you do get PKMs of global link events, thoroughly get the legality analyzed through Pokecheck and the shoutbox mods there who are very good at detecting hacks that even the built in legality analyzer on the site misses. And GitHub for latest updates: For archiving sake, the official news report is here: Language Title Meaning Japanese. Sorry for the mix-up. Sav de Latios y Latias.

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Meloetta (Pokémon)

Hold on you forgot Berries distrib in Japan in January. Adjusted my above post for the Teogeomni, regardless Nigoli has posted all three of them now anyhow. NoteworthyFeb 26, Submitted May 31, If you want to make a notification of an upcoming or missed ongoing event, make a new thread in the “Event Pokemon” forum and include a link to the source sources are very helpful, especially for non-English and non-Japanese events.


Make sure you keep an extra safe backup of the save, before performing any modifications moviw imports.

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Posted December 16, Posted July 10, First of all, I’ll like to thank everyone for their contributions and co-operation thus far! Youtube Video showcasing the savefile: I don’t have too many of them, but the ones I do have usually have competitive merit. Chaos JackalFeb 16, Submitted July 13, For now I will start compiling current and upcoming events, and I will get around to past events once I’m finished.

Posted Pim 29, I haven’t actually RNGed this; I didn’t really care, I just wanted it for my personal collection, but I figured that other people might like the idea and be interested in having a copy of it so I’m submitting it. I have added them to the collection and updated it. In its Aria Forme, Meloetta can sing beautiful songs.

Soon there will be a third part. This time with Johto’s legendary trio. Retrieved from ” https: Use Pokegen to extract pgf files from your sav file.

Posted October 4, Posted November 3, Thanks for your contribution!! Posted June 1, edited. This list is quite helpful. Meloetta is able to change forms when it uses the move Ppkm Songwhich changes its form from Aria Forme to its Pirouette Forme, or vice versa.


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Updated September 13, According to artists in Unova, Meloetta’s beautiful music and dance inspired many works of art, music, and songs. I think after this year the thread might get archived.

Updated May 16, I didn’t even know about this event Greek ENG Multirama events: Or sign in with one of these services. Distribution Text is missing for most of these Cards. Meloetta made its debut in With a Little Help from My Friendswhere it was attracted to the flute music move by Bianca.

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It attacks by singing notes that hurt opponents if they are touched by them. Posted August 24, Continuando con los eventos del 10 Aniversario de la era Advance. Moves marked with a superscript game abbreviation can only be bred onto Meloetta in that game.