That’s honestly just speculation on my end considering Owari contains the story Minor Spoiler , and Zokuowari supposedly happens directly after Owari. All of the arcs in this part occur continuously. After reading up a bit more, I’ve cleared up some incorrect information. Please do not put spoilers in the title. Bakemonogatari, Second Season, Nisemonogatari, and then follow airing order from there. PerfectKamui Let me reoder the list.

The animated version of the show aired in the order that the novels were originally released, excluding Hanamonogatari and Kizumonogatari. I just ordered both Nise and Bake blu-ray boxsets, you can bet I’ll be posting pictures here when they arrive! The only show which is worth watching chronologically is Suzumiya. The answer is always the release order, you don’t mess with the director’s creative vision. It does not take a genius to understand that. BBCode For anime identifying needs. Airing order is the true order.

Nisemonogatarithe 4th and 5th novels, happen approximately a month after the events in Bakemonogatari. This story centers more around Koyomi’s sisters and follows Koyomi as he deals with them. Most of Koyomi Mountain happens roughly during the second episode of Nadeko Medusa, and its last scene happens once Nadeko is lectured by Araragi at his house. When it happens, this chart disregards the conclusion and places the arc at the time where most of it took place.

For the rest, just follow the airing order.

Only the first half has been published, I think. Shiro – Kabukimonogatari – Hanamonogatari – Otorimonogatari – Onimonogatari – Koimonogatari – Tsukimonogatari – Owarimonogatari – Zokuowarimonogatari Anime release order – Bakemonogatari – Nisemonogatari – Nekomonogatari: P can you just tell me how was it supp to be watched, should i watch bake, second, nise If you’re unsure monogqtari the exact order, check this link: What is the correct way to watch the monogatari series?


Occurs January 1st – February 1st. Yep if you doubt, always release order. Watch in airing order, information is rexdit in each season that carries over into the next and the show is already complicated enough lol.

The One True Godsuya. Weries Hanamonogatari which is the ninth book moonogatari the series is after Koimonogatari chronologically then I must say I’m impressed with the author. By not repeating and searching the other threads like this. Let me know if you find anything wrong with the timeline or if you’re confused about anything! The Order You Should Know About I will very briefly explain the plot of each novel, avoiding spoilers as much as possible.

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I seem to be having redrit finding Monogatari Series Second Season episodes to watch anywhere, would anyone know? Mods please sticky this or add it to the sidebar at least. The sequel, and second part of the first season, Nisemonogatari, aired 11 episodes from January to March The last two stories progress the plot overall.

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Submit a new text post. If you intend to watch the show, watch it in this order. Araragi in Kizu is pretty cool; but he isn’t the same as his new self. Bakemonogatari Volume 1 – Nov. It may be that the first volume of Owari happens before Hana. It follows the events surrounding Hanekawa Tsubasa which occurred during Golden Week.

As such, be warned that it is not spoiler-free and I don’t recommend looking at it if you’re not caught up with the anime. BBCode For anime identifying needs. Kabukimonogatari ; 8th novel; Mayoi Jiangshi. This story is the first story from Monogatari Series Ttimeline Season. I’m not so certain with Owari though. You have to bond with the characters, that’s why it was released in that order It’s just a matter of preference.


Again nobody tags me a topic related to Monogatari. I love the Monogatari series, its my favorite anime. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit.

Koyomimonogatari is actually a collection a stories: Post titles must be somewhat descriptive.

Join our Discord chat, here! The novels that are covered are in order of appearance:. Forum Settings Episode Information Forums. Its in need of a little update though, so i’m gonna update it and sticky it soon! Sure the safest thing to do would be just to watch the Kizu movies after Koyomi but watching them after Bake makes you appreciate Shinobu’s character and her relationship with Araragi more as the series progresses. Want to start watching the Monogatari Series, but don’t know where to start?

This is an amazing guide OP.

What is the correct way to watch the monogatari series?

Therefore, for the sake of timelind, I made it so you just watch Araragi’s arcs sequentially first, and then you go back to Hanekawa to see her side of the story. Airing order is the true order. I just ordered both Nise and Bake blu-ray boxsets, you can bet I’ll be posting pictures here when they arrive!